Climate change panic is the next big thing (again)

If you were recently unfortunate enough to have stumbled across any of the stooges of late-night television, you may have noticed that there are new orders from on high in the comrade-sphere. The word has gone out to commence the final push for the ruination of America with the most bitterly destructive and deceitful weapon in the leftist arsenal: climate change.

The new talking points follow closely on the heels of Biden’s mendacious address to the UN. One need not read too deeply into all his nonsense to discover the overriding theme: “As a global community, we’re challenged by urgent and looming crises wherein lie enormous opportunities.”

That is the left’s method of operation in a nutshell. Drum up a crisis and then use it as a means toward their ultimate goals, one of which seems to be destroying the United States as it is currently configured and redistributing its wealth to the rest of the world.

Biden’s woke trail of destruction is difficult to dismiss. Our nation has strived for energy independence for decades. We finally accomplished that goal during the Trump years only to watch it all be flushed away in Biden’s first month in office, along with tens of thousands of high-paying American jobs.

Biden then moved on to the border where he reversed most Trump-era policies, threw out American laws, and started the open border crisis we’re witnessing today. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have already been relocated to various places around the country. They will now be supported, perhaps forever, by American taxpayers while eventually voting for Democrat politicians who welcomed them into the country. Millions more are in line.

Next, there is COVID, which sees the left whipping the American people into submission for a disease that is highly lethal only to the very elderly with multiple comorbidities. The rest of the population suffers, to various degrees, on a par with the seasonal flu. Instead of trying to protect the at-risk population, Democrats forced the rest of us to wear masks and stay in our homes. They’ve now initiated a new form of illegal, despicable, and useless discrimination based on vaccination status. All of it is unconstitutional.

Let’s not forget Afghanistan, where a completely mismanaged evacuation laid bare our military leaders’ and the political class’s woke ineptitude. We also managed to alienate our allies while leaving behind hundreds of Americans and close to ninety billion dollars’ worth of advanced weaponry.

While all this wreckage has been painful and unnecessary, we must now try and get out in front of the coming coup de grace, which is climate change.

The original earth day in 1970 was “celebrated” with protests against global cooling. The villains were all the same only the narrative was inverted. Evil capitalists were destroying the planet by making it too cold for us to survive. That they were able to flip that scenario on its head is a testament to the limitless gullibility of the human being.

When the newfangled “global warming” crisis started to unravel, the left once again scrambled for an even scarier bogeyman. What could be better than “climate change,” a phrase that means everything and nothing? Who would deny that change is happening? It is the very nature of existence, except in the world of human beings where a constant is that people will accept oppression when they are told it is for their own good.

There has always been and there always will be climate change. We have evidence of far greater warming and cooling trends in just the past thousand years. Along with COVID, this is a tool to keep the population fearful and thus easily manipulated into surrendering their freedoms and God-given rights.

Fabricating an existential threat to humanity proves to be the perfect way to get citizens in the only country in the history of the world founded on the principle of individual freedom to abandon their liberties voluntarily. Once a fear is established, whether of global warming, COVID, or climate change, that’s enough to get people to accept a diminished lifestyle, poverty, and an authoritarian government. That is the dream of every communist on the planet.

America is one of the cleanest places in the world. Were we to succumb to the sickly ideology that now promulgates the climate change narrative we, would quickly become a cesspool of pollution on a par with other communist countries. You would then no longer hear any talk of global warming or climate change. The crisis would suddenly disappear along with freedom, autonomy, and the Bill of Rights.

“With a cunning ability to invert the truth, evil men claim to be noble, and people abandon reason, bow down to them, and accept all kinds of slavery” -- Dean Koontz’s “Relentless”

Image: Time Magazine covers about global cooling and warming. Internet meme.

Update and correction: Russell Cook informs us that:

the 1977 cover with the penguin and the words "How To Survive The Comming Ice Age" is a fake. Time magazine explained the photo alteration twice years ago, while predictably using the opportunity to push AGW as a settled science both times.  Updated: September 9, 2019 9:00 AM ET | Originally published: June 6, 2013  By Lily Rothman,May 15, 2017

If only I had to time to look into it further, I've long speculated that some AGW zealot purposely created that fake cover in order to plant it in public to see how many of us skeptics never question it.

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