Cartels delighted with Joe Biden's Del Rio border mess, vow to take out Border Patrol with more fake news

As Joe Biden was creating his border mess in Del Rio, Texas — drawing in thousands of illegal migrants, releasing them scot-free into the interior of the country, and then blaming the Border Patrol for doing their jobs — it wasn't just border town residents and U.S. citizens further inland who were watching the hideous spectacle on television.  Turns out Mexico's cartels were watching, too, and have decided that Biden has handed them the perfect tool.

According to independent journalist Lara Logan:

American Greatness and the Daily Wire both have good summaries of what is going on here.

What we can conclude from this is that this crisis is not over.  It's going to get bigger, actually, not just because tens of thousands of new migrants have joined the migrant pipelines, but because Joe Biden has demonstrated that creating a racial incident diversion to cut attention from the mass crisis itself, is just perfect for disarming their enemy the Border Patrol and taking it out of commission.  Why use costly, unpredictable migrants to divert Border Patrol attention when the easier thing is to just attack them and call it a racial incident?  In the past, it was about this.

CBP says this has become more than a humanitarian crisis, now it's a national security crisis. Morgan says transnational criminal organizations took advantage when 50% of Border Patrol resources were diverted to help with large number of apprehensions.

"They're using families and kids as a diversion to get the bad people and the drugs into our country and it's happening every single day. And those drugs and those criminals their finding their way into every town and city in this country," said Morgan.

According to CBP, 750,000 pounds of hard narcotics were seized at the border in 2019. Their data also shows there were 16,000 criminal immigrants apprehended and almost 3,000 weapons. That number is only what was caught, Morgan said.

Now they can see that it's a lot easier.

They can see that Biden is ignorant about horse work in rough terrain, captive to the ravings of the left, and quick to issue verdict first, trial later, same as the Queen of Hearts.  That's perfect.

They can now focus on taking the Border Patrol out directly by setting up new racial incidents because Joe Biden is one of those craven leaders who has no intention of backing his own government enforcing the laws of the country. He's easily diverted by "racist" narratives.  Border Patrol agents are now on their own, and cartels have noticed.  The cartels would now like more racial incidents, the better to take the Border Patrol out and allow them to beef up profits.  Any Border Patrol agent who sticks his neck out to protect the country from an illegal foreign invasion will be subject to a cartel-provoked incident framed as racism by the press and will then get the back of Joe's hand.  As the old fool put it: "Those people will pay."

So what better than to provoke more media incidents, which the lapdog press will be happy to promote for them, falsely painting the Border Patrol as new incarnations of Derek Chauvin?

They can and will assault the Border Patrol, provoke a response, film the response, and fork it over to a willing and eager media in the States who will be happy to craft the "racism" narrative for them.

Net result?  Win-win — Joe Biden wins on his open border / Democrat voter master plan, and they win huge profits from smuggling migrants as well as drugs and much worse (9/11, anyone?) over the U.S. border.

Like the Taliban, they're set to profit big-time from Joe Biden's incompetence.  And in many ways, they are not at all different from the Taliban, except that the Bidenites don't realize this.  Like the Taliban, the cartels are utterly evil.  They chop up human beings.  They engage in violence porn through the press and social media to create terror.  There's plenty of that on this site to get the idea.  They serve as a tight-knit brotherhood of depravity, including sexual depravity.  And like the Taliban, they seek absolute power, including political power.  They are at war with Mexico as its number one national security threat, and more to the point, at war with the U.S.  Now that they have seen the Taliban profit from Biden's incompetence, they too expect to profit.

It's a horror in the making, and there's not a scintilla of recognition from the Bidenites that they're about to lose big again as the entire country suffers.

Image:  Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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