Biden's phone call telling the Afghan President to lie is as bad as China telling WHO to lie to the World that COVID wouldn't spread human to human

The media and other Democrats have a hissy fit every time anyone tries to limit abortion at all. They always claim Republicans don't care about women's rights.  This is rich considering the president they support just handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban, which doesn't believe in women's rights.

Why would anyone ever trust Biden on anything, considering how much he continuously has lied about the debacle in Afghanistan? He even had a conversation with then-Afghan president Ghani in July where Biden told him that he must change the perception of Taliban's rampaging over Afghan troops, whether it was true or not. He was told to tell the world and his citizens that all was going well.

When President Trump had a conversation with the Ukraine leader it was to investigate corruption by the Biden family because the media and Justice department didn't care. It would be a pure dereliction of duty if a president knew that government officials had been lining their family pockets with kickbacks from foreign parties, or anyone else, yet looked the other way. When government officials take kickbacks from anyone, let alone foreign parties, it makes one wonder where their allegiance lies. Trump's conversation didn't threaten anyone. He didn't lie to the World about the situation in Ukraine. The media gave wall to wall coverage of this phone call and Trump was impeached because the media and other Democrats have never cared about corruption by Democrats.

Biden's conversation, on the other hand, did harm the whole world, but especially our soldiers. He wanted the world, especially our allies, to think everything was going well. He misled the Afghan helpers and American citizens that they were safe in Afghanistan when they should have been getting out. He even lied on TV that al-Qaida didn't exist in Afghanistan anymore. 

The media is barely covering this phone call and Democrats don’t care because they haven’t cared about facts or reality for a long time, only perception and power. The media and other Democrats will bury this story just as they buried the stories about all the corruption shown on Hunter's laptops. The public can't be allowed to see the truth.

Biden's lies were as bad as when the WHO intentionally lied to the World, as a propaganda arm of the CCP, that COVID wouldn't spread human to human. It was as bad as when the Obama-Biden administration used the media to continually lie to get the Iran deal done. Why would any U.S. president believe a deal with Iran, the biggest sponsor of world terrorism, that continues to pledge death to America and death to Israel, would be good?

Would people who willingly lied about Afghanistan in order to pursue their goals have any reservations about ignoring the truth to change the perception on anything to pursue their policy goals including climate change?

Not Biden, nor any Democrat, has given any scientific evidence to justify the destruction of the oil or coal industry, to destroy the U.S. economy, and the sycophant media has never asked because they have the same policy goals as the leftists and don't care. There is not one piece of scientific evidence from the past 150 years that shows that oil use has caused the temperature rise or an increase in storm activity. Shouldn't that information be provided before thousands of companies and millions of jobs are destroyed, and everyone's life is turned upside down?

Most of the media will now work to divert attention from the debacle to anything else, like abortion or climate change. Pelosi won't even allow the names of the dead to be read on the House floor.

Now the media will try to hide the truth about Afghanistan, crime, the border, the Biden family corruption, and anything else they deem to be harmful to Democrats. After all, some election is always coming up.

The reason we have a corrupt, incompetent president in the White House, along with weak generals and leftovers like hacks Sullivan and Blinken is because most of the media campaigned for Biden, while he stayed in the basement. They even censored the story that they knew was true about Biden family corruption. The media intentionally sent the perception to the voters that Biden was competent, honest and would be transparent.

Now the public is dealing with the reality of Biden’s pure incompetence, corruption, and dishonesty. They also are noticing that it was always a lie that Biden and the Democrats are the empathetic party. The media is having trouble skewing the polls enough to keep Biden in positive territory so they must hide the truth as much as they can.

Will the media ever cover the rampant crime and destruction at the border?

God help the U.S. survive the next three-and one-half years while the media refuses to do their job and seeks to silence people that tell the truth if they disagree with the radical leftist agenda. 

file photo of Biden on phone: YouTube screengrab

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