Biden's grand return of 'catch and release'

Should breaking into the U.S. illegally be a sure-thing win for the lawbreakers?

It is, with Joe Biden in the saddle.  So much for "do not come, do not come," as Kamala Harris once said.  Migrants are not fools and pay attention to what the Biden administration proceeds to do and respond accordingly.

Two things are going on that show the extent of this new "catch and release" farce.

One: As I noted the other day, Biden is releasing the vast community of 16,000 illegals, mostly from Haiti, camped out under a bridge near the Del Rio, Texas border into the country without so much as a court date.  His claims of mass deportations are just a few for show.

According to Fox News:

The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday confirmed that some Haitian migrants are being released into the interior of the United States – despite a stern warning to migrants from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Monday that their efforts "will not succeed."

In response to the surge in Haitian migrants, which has seen more than 14,000 migrants camped under the bridge in Del Rio, with reports of tens of thousands more on the way, DHS has emphasized that migrants are being removed on removal flights under Title 42 public health protections. DHS has ramped up deportation flights to Haiti as part of its strategy to combat the crisis.

"DHS continues to expel migrants under CDC’s Title 42 authority," a spokesperson said. "Those who cannot be expelled under Title 42 and do not have a legal basis to remain are placed in expedited or full removal proceedings."

That "some" is Biden-spin meaning "thousands."  Only a precious few — some 300 — who have broken into the U.S. illegally have been deported back to Haiti.  Most are being sent to their destinations of choice in the U.S. at taxpayer expense, unvetted, and unvaxxed, with just a "notice to report" to the local ICE office papers instead of so much as a "notice to appear" with a fixed court date to adjudicate their phony asylum-claim status. 

Either paper is easily ignored and usually is by such lawbreakers, and Biden refuses to allow interior enforcement of immigration law, so the migrants know they've gotten here scot-free.  Applying legally, you see, is for suckers.  And don't think they won't tell their friends.

Why the speed?  Because the Bidenites have public relations as their prime priority, same as they did with the Afghanistan pullout.  Given that photos of the vast, squalid Del Rio migrant camp are a political liability, Biden has his priorities.  Too bad about the country, let alone what the American people want.

Here's another issue well worth noting.  Migrants, not being stupid, are gaming the system in an additional way — they're throwing away their identification papers.

Virtually all of them are previously resettled refugees in third-world countries such as Chile and Brazil.  They took those deals as long as a decade ago but decided they wanted to upgrade, so they came to the States, knowing that Biden was inviting them in and had halted deportations.  It costs a lot of money to migrate, and, being no fools, they shelled it out only because they were sure.

The ID cards from Chile and Brazil made them ineligible for asylum right off the bat.  No ID, no problem — without those cards, they can then claim to be anyone and get the asylum upgrade they're looking for.  Country-shopping for the best package deal of benefits is getting to be pretty common under Biden.  He created that situation.

How the immigration officials sort that out is anyone's guess.  The reality on the ground says the Bidenites won't even try.

So once again, the migrants win, and the illegals will get in.  That won't be where it ends, though; the illegal migrants will also tell their friends and relatives that it's all so very easy.  Guess what the friends and relatives are going to do!

And Biden here thinks he's got the problem solved by sweeping it under the rug to get the cameras off.  What he's done with this catch-and-release idiocy is only make the problem get bigger.  He's like a foolish homeowner who thinks he can get rid of a bee's nest in his rafters by shutting the hole down.  Bees don't work that way, and leaving the honey in the attic will only bring more bees, in bigger numbers than ever.  People, like bees, respond to honeyed incentives, and Joe's solutions will only bring in more illegal aliens as if two million new ones this year aren't enough.

Congress, the courts, the states, and anyone else out there have got to get tough with this lunacy.  And since Biden responds only to cameras, anyone else out there must keep the cameras on.

Image: Screen shot from Fox Business video via shareable YouTube.

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