Biden's ally the Taliban paint Taliban emblems on the US embassy in Kabul

Most people know that when someone tells you who he is, it's best to believe him.

But then there's Joe Biden, who continues to view the Taliban, a terrorist organization the U.S. has been at war with for 20 years, who stole $83 billion in U.S. military equipment and mocked the U.S. victory at Iwo Jima, as some sort of partner and ally.

In the past few weeks, the Bidenites have entrusted the Taliban with names and passport information of departing Americans and trusted the Taliban to provide airport security in Kabul.  The Taliban have been called "our generous host nation" by one of Biden's generals and convinced Biden's minions, at least, that they view ISIS-K and al-Qaeda as "mortal enemies" instead of generally interchangeable terrorist coevals all on the same mission to destroy America.  Allies.  Partners.  All that.

Now we're seeing this:

This, as some news accounts have noted, is a bona fide violation of U.S. sovereignty, given that embassy properties are considered a possessing state's territory.  It's also pretty appalling.  They're trying to drive their "victory" in even as they lead Joe Biden along by the nose with "negotiations" as well as de facto ransom demands with abandoned Americans held effectively hostage as well as demands for U.S. aid.  They've got their "victory" slogans and assorted logos sprayed all over the outer walls of the U.S. embassy as another propaganda victory to demonstrate how they've laid America low.

They've got their stamp all over our $700-million newly built U.S. embassy, now abandoned, and who doesn't think they've maybe got some additional plans for it on the anniversary of 9/11 in a few days?  I am sure it will be disgusting.

The photo was taken by an intrepid photographer named Jake Simkin, who got into Afghanistan by road from the north in recent days, accompanied by reporter Holly McKay, who knows the territory well.  McKay writes an impressive story with Simkin's photos about that journey in, which seems to have led to their finding of the sorry spectacle at the U.S. embassy.

The Biden administration is trying to get Afghanistan off the front pages.  But the trash at the embassy is still going on, and it's likely to get worse.  It's one more humiliation for the U.S. courtesy of Joe Biden, who still calls his fiasco bug-out from the country a "success."

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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