Biden was for border security before he was against it

I came across an old video clip today.  It showed a certain very well known politician speaking about the need for border security.  If you could not watch the video but could only read the transcript of the words and were not told who the speaker was, you would swear you were reading a Donald Trump speech about the need for border security.

But it wasn't Trump — it was Joe Biden!

I don't know how old this clip is.  It may date from Biden's failed 2007–2008 presidential campaign.  This was the time when Biden appeared much as he does today — elderly — but was still able to speak lucidly and coherently.  Anyway, in this video, Biden is not only able to speak off the cuff without Bidenisms or his usual verbal tics and burps, able to speak without pre-printed notes or teleprompted assistance; he also makes the case for border security, in words that Donald Trump would be proud to call his own.  He is speaking to some kind of private club where it appears only White people were present.

Ladies and Gentlemen, no great country, can say it is secure, without being able to control its borders, period. 

What I would do about it, was what I proposed to do about it, almost, 13 years ago.  I would radically ramp up, the number of, border security guards we have, the use of electronic surveillance material we have to guard the border, and a number of what they call 'virtual fences' — they're not literally fences — virtual fences from aerostat balloons on, to where we whereby can control the border — much, much better.

Whether this is Biden playing to his audience, standard Democratic hypocrisy, or an early sign of impending senility, it's further evidence (if any were needed) that Biden can't be believed no matter what he's saying.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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