Biden deports 327 illegals back to Haiti, hands thousands of others papers to stay

The Biden administration has made a big deal about organizing swift deportations of illegal border crossers in Del Rio, Texas, where large numbers of mostly Haitians have set up a huge, squalid, fourth-world shantytown on the Texas side, the biggest such migrant camp in U.S. history. At its peak, it held approximately 16,000 people.

According to Fox News, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, visiting the border, said:

"We have sent a very clear message early on in light of the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic, that the border is not open and people should not take the perilous journey here," he said. "We are returning people to other countries."

CBS and large numbers of other media outlets screamed "mass deportations" and quoted open-borders activists who insisted that the migrants be allowed to claim asylum, same as all the other 209,000 migrants who got through in August. Two million illegal migrants are forecast to arrive this year without authorization.

The Biden administration and the press released video of the migrants getting off an airplane from their taxpayer-paid flight to Haiti. One report said they were each handed $100 from Uncle Sam, and based on the identical baby blankets seen, apparently took home a lot of swag, too.

Turns out it was all for show.

According to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine:

Here's more from an independent journalist:

And that might have something to do with Biden's bigger plans.

He's got slots to fill. As a result, pretty much everyone in that squalid migrant camp is going to get to stay. But Biden wants Americans to think that mass deportations are going on left and right and he's Mr. Man of Action.

Now there are a few people who are being deported and that's presenting some interesting phenomena.

One, how did they pick the 300 to deport? Was it a weird lottery? Was it based on who has relatives here illegally in the states? The Biden administration is saying all kinds of things at this point, none credible. I can see in the news video that those deported to Haiti on the flight seem to include single moms with babies on their hips, which runs counter to the Biden narrative that "some" migrants in "families" will be handed 'notice to appear' papers and be allowed to stay for a good two or three years' employment until their cases are adjudicated. After that, they'll continue to stay, given that Biden won't deport those ordered deported. 

Meanwhile, this report from CBS News features a young, military-aged single man, coming up from a previous refugee status in Chile where he had been settled earlier, getting his free papers to stay, no problem. He openly discusses his quest for a better job and lifestyle, meaning, he's very much an economic migrant. The Biden administration claims these border jumpers are being sent back, but well...

It seems pretty arbitrary, a lot of Potemkin stuff for media consumption. 

Illegal aliens are prodigious consumers of news and social media, and for sure it's affecting them, too. Many are moving back across to Mexico as word gets out about the deportations to Haiti. It's potent stuff because most of these migrants are people who have already been settled in countries such as Chile and Haiti and have some benefits from it. Many haven't lived in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. Having to go back to Haiti, as opposed to going back to Mexico to try again to enter the U.S., or go back to the Tapachula holding pen in Mexico in hopes of getting working papers, seems to be a better option for them, so many are swiftly heading back.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz certainly thinks it's having an effect:

He tweeted this earlier:

That said, migrants also make their perfectly rational decisions about what their best options are from word of mouth. As the press seeks to convince Haitians and above all Americans that something is being done about the Del Rio border crisis, the thousands of migrants who got in, scot-free, rewarded with a three-year work permit to the states plus lots of free stuff, are going to send word back, too. They know that Biden's "mass deportations" are a sham and almost everyone who breaks in gets to stay. Expect that to get around too and would-be illegal migrants to respond accordingly.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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