Apparently, there's no getting rid the Afghan 'refugees' who don't pass vetting

Joe Biden's self-touted evacuation of more than a hundred thousand Afghans, presumably allies, might just have been a migrant-lift instead of an evacuation of Americans and allies, an open border of a different sort, with NGOs and left-wing lawyers involved in who got in.

That's the news from Breitbart's Neil Munro, who's traced the involvement of a K Street–type law firm, that apparently had enough pull in the Washington swamp to get its group of unvetted Afghan "refugees" in, while bona fide Americans and virtually all Afghan translator allies were left on the tarmac.  Most of us knew that something funny was going on with the huge numbers of Afghans on the planes and the minuscule numbers of Americans, all because, as Joe Biden claimed, the Americans wanted to stay.

President Joe Biden's Afghan evacuation was so chaotic that an immigration law firm in D.C. inserted hundreds of unidentified and unvetted Afghans from a regional Afghan city into the main processing center in Qatar, according to the New York Times.

The unidentified Afghans are now being held in Germany while officials try to identify them and learn about their past actions.

If he's got it right, it's grotesque, an influence-peddling operation, and one that came at Americans' expense.  One sentence in particular stands out:

But the vetting may not matter. If the passengers fail the vetting, it is unclear if the United States can persuade another country to accept them. If the passengers cannot be sent to another home, such as Pakistan, U.S. officials may quietly let them move to the United States.

Did we read this right?  The child-traffickers, the child marriage practitioners, the polygamists, the people who'd ordinarily be disqualified from entry to the U.S. on the grounds of moral turpitude, are still going to get in?  And it's not just that bunch among them; there are also the people whose ways are so backward that they simply can never be happy here.  And there are the terrorists. 

Apparently, these people who can never pass vetting are supposed to go to third countries instead of straight back to Afghanistan — or some place like Gitmo.  But that's conditional on those countries taking them.  And right now, Joe Biden, the man who refused to take his closest ally Britain's prime minister's phone call for more than 24 hours, is not popular.  It's dubious on those grounds alone that he's going to persuade any of them.

What's more, Europe has already taken a lot of Afghan migrants who can't pass vetting, and it's seen all it'd like to see of them.  Europe welcomed Afghan migrants with open arms in recent years and got itself a crime and rape wave from this bunch in return.  Not many European states are going to take more Afghan migrants after this experience, and the ones that will, such as Muslim Kosovo, will do so in very small numbers, likely very well vetted.

What will happen?  As Munro says, they'll be quietly allowed to live in the U.S., terrorist proclivity or no terrorist proclivity.  There's no getting rid of them.  Munro notes that 25,000 of them have been let into the U.S. already with zero vetting and no identification and has notified NGOs to expect 50,000.  None thus far has been rejected.

The Marines who died escorting these unvetted people in — good, bad, and ugly — while Americans waited at the gates or were left behind in Afghanistan were clearly misused for K Street lobby purposes.  That's a hell of an insult, forcing U.S. Marines to escort migrant caravans full of many undesirables into the U.S., some forced to give their lives for it.  And it raises questions as to who was paying this cynical white-shoe law firm with unusual Washington connections.  Who?

Image: Screen shot from Hindustan Times video via shareable YouTube.

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