Antifa starts to use guns

Up until last weekend, Antifa thugs confined their violence to beatings, chemical “milkshakes,” and mob violence. But now, an Antifa member has been accused of shooting an antagonist, a member of the Proud Boys. Zachary Steiber reports for the Epoch Times:

A member of the far-left, anarcho-communist Antifa network allegedly shot a member of an opposing group over the weekend during a clash in Washington state.

Tusitala Toese, known as Tiny, was struck in the foot on Sept. 4 in Olympia, according to photographs, video footage, and city officials.

Toese is a leader in the Proud Boys, a right-wing group that has engaged in violence, and whose national leader was recently sentenced to time in prison after pleading guilty to crimes in Washington, D.C.

The shooting came during clashes between the Proud Boys and members of Antifa, a far-left network of groups whose members have repeatedly assaulted people, attacked law enforcement, and set fire to buildings.

Antifa members planned to disrupt an anti-COVID-19 vaccine protest in the area but were confronted by Proud Boys members blocks away from the demonstration, one independent reporter said. Video footage showed Antifa members retreating, with Proud Boys members pursuing them.

Note that the Antifa forces were intent on disrupting the free speech protest of others. This is already illegitimate. And the firearm was used, apparently, in anger:

A “verbal altercation” preceded the shooting, Olympia City Manager Jay Burney said in a statement.

“A member of one of the groups then produced a handgun and fired several shots, and a member of the other group was struck in the ankle,” he said.

Interesting that the city manager doesn’t identify which group’s member pulled the firearm. Just “one group” and “the other group.” This is how the left protects its own.

Now that Antifa is arming with firearms, they are an even greater danger to the Republic. The FBI notoriously infiltrates (and funds) various disruptive groups. But so far, zero from them on Antifa.


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