An urgent message to Deep State elitists

I'm going to go way out on a limb here and say I suspect that it's not just patriotic deplorables who read the essays in American Thinker.  It's not an intergalactic leap to assume that what is written here gets "monitored" by congressional aides, assistant-assistant media editors, and sub-administrative assistants at our tech behemoths, to name just a few of the woke elements that draw the short straw and are tasked with reading our thoughts.  They just watch what we're up to, hoping to catch us "insurrecting."  So, knowing they're listening, I have a message of vital importance to them.

You probably assume that your zealous and loyal service to the Deep State will "get you a ride" on that "last plane out" or a golden ticket admission to the deep bunker in Mount Thunder or wherever, if and when it all comes crashing down.  So, news flash — it won't.  You and yours will be left outside in the cold, wailing with the unwashed deplorables as America comes tumbling down.  Just ask one Andrew Cuomo.

How do I know this, and why should America come crashing down?  It's a poorly appreciated phenomenon called history and an opaque entity called the Chinese Communist Party.  In league with the Russian Federation (recall that Xi and Vlad signed a mutual defense treaty this year — akin to what Hitler and Stalin signed in early 1939), the CCP is actively planning America's demise.

If you think otherwise, I have some Confederate war bonds to sell you (worth more since Lee's statue was taken down).  So let's just assume that the CCP's creation of fake island bases in the South China Sea, ever-greater military incursions of Taiwanese airspace, and the very recent maritime incursion of Alaska territorial waters might mean perhaps something.  Let's assume, too, that the ever-improving missile capability of their stalking horses — the mullahs and Rocket Man — might actually be happening for a purpose.

Where's it all going?

One day — sooner or later — you'll find that your GPS smartphone isn't working, your ATM won't give you any money, your credit cards are useless, and the internet just vaporized.  Oh, and your car may not start — ever again — because of that light flash you recently saw almost overhead.

Can't happen, huh?  I'll bet all those quasi-Americans we left behind in Kabul think it might.  Ask them how much faith they have in Austin, Milley, and Blinken.

Hey!  Aside from a four-star military catastrophe in Afghanistan, we just learned that Milley was going to usurp then-president Trump's constitutional authority back in January by openly engaging with the CCP and PLA.  How's that for fidelity to the Constitution?  This is whom you are banking on to stop a future Armageddon?

So, no more lattes, no more frappés, no more angst over which elite school your kids will attend.  No more Met galas.  No more National Press Club dinners (the CCP isn't big on these, and neither is Vlad).  No more CNN.  Just CCP.

Your elite status will evaporate faster than the national supply chain.  Nancy, Chuck, Kamala, Tony, maybe even AOC and Ilhan may all be secure in their positions, but you?  I dunno.  I suspect that even the Trojans who helped push The Horse inside the city gates may not have survived Greek swords the following day.  Just a hunch.

So whether it actually is a military sneak attack (brought on by the castration of our own woke military), social collapse engendered by the class hostility you and yours have stoked for thirty-odd years, or a financial collapse triggered by spending like there's no tomorrow (no pun intended) — consider that your new masters will figure you don't count, either.

Every scintilla of privilege that you so eagerly grasped will be gone.  In a final moment of clarity, you just might think along with one Judas Iscariot, "What have I done?"

Image: Baker Test atomic explosion during Operation Crossroads on July 25, 1946.  Public Domain.

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