After knife attack, New Zealand adopts 'knife control' policy, removes knives from supermarket shelves

New Zealand truly is the land of sheep.  Something has happened there, a mass psychological disturbance that has the populace supporting a government that reacts hysterically to perceived threats. For one, there's locking down an entire country and isolating it from the rest of the world (and thereby slowing the spread of herd immunity), as if the virus would simply skip the isolated archipelago.

Now, with few Kiwis having recovered from COVID and herd immunity nowhere near, cases are skyrocketing:


While Sweden, with robust herd immunity, having never locked down, has a seven-day rolling average of zero cases:


The fatality rate so far favors New Zealand, but not by a wide margin, and as we see, COVID is just getting going there.  Moreover, we don't know about deaths from untreated symptoms in New Zealand, from diseases of despair, and from the effects of poverty forced on many there.

0.1436% fatality rate in Sweden (14,692 deaths in a population of 10.23 million)

0.0925% fatality rate in New Zealand (4550 deaths in a population of 4, 197,000)

With its human population imitating its more numerous sheep neighbors, New Zealand now is making real a joke that has been told for years.  In the past, Second Amendment–supporters have joked that if guns are outlawed, people will just turn to knives.  "What are you going to do?  Outlaw knives?"

New Zealand has answered "yes!"

OAN reports:

Knives and scissors have been removed from supermarket shelves in New Zealand after a recent stabbing attack. Supermarket chain Countdown said on Saturday, a partial "knife control" would be in effect for several weeks to prevent stabbing attacks going forward.

This decision came after a Sri Lankan national injured six people at a Countdown location in Auckland last Friday. Authorities said the attacker was inspired by the Islamic State to carry out the attack. (snip)

Several other supermarket chains also removed knives from their shelves over the weekend. It remains unclear when this self-imposed "knife control" would end.

What's next?  Banning rope because it can be used to strangle people?

Graphic by Jaime M. Laurel.

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