A pandemic of the incompetent, not the unvaccinated

Mr. Biden and other liberals are very upset with the unvaccinated.  They've laid the blame, with the claim that this is "a pandemic of the unvaccinated."

I call BS.  This is a "pandemic of the incompetent."

First, the CDC and NIH watched the virus ravage China and did nothing.

Next, they told President Trump that it was xenophobic to stop travel from China.

Next, they told us the virus was not transmitting human to human.

Next, they changed, without reasoning, the reporting requirements for potential deaths associated with the virus to guarantee a higher death total in the U.S.

Next, they misrepresented the data for the projected death toll in America with a completely incorrect model.

Next, they told us to shut down the country for two weeks to slow the spread.

Next, they told us a vaccine in less than a year was impossible.

Next, they pushed mask mandates with no science to back them up.  Excuse me — the high point on masking science is the study out of Hong Kong on hamsters that seems to have been the basis for the start of masking science.

Next, they supported crazy items like mandatory masking outdoors, no swimming in public pools, and wearing a mask in your own home.

Next, they continued to keep businesses closed past the two-month mark, and they fail to provide evidence that closing any business helped slow the spread.

Next, they started paying people extra unemployment benefits while removing all incentives to look for work.

Next, we were told it was more important not to offend China by calling it the Chinese Coronavirus or the Wuhan Flu than it was to find a treatment.

Next, people started to get wise to the incompetence, and they started doing normal things.  The incompetents would scream "super-spreader," yet no super-spreader events were ever proven.  People began to demonstrate they could manage the virus for themselves.

Next, states and locals started to drop the masking, and those states endured public recriminations, yet the infection rate continued to drop despite the dire predictions of the incompetent.

Next, we were told by a presidential candidate that he had a plan to shut the virus down.  This implies that a virus can be shut down and that he actually had a plan to do something effective.  Both now seem to be proven incompetent statements from someone with no real clue.

Next, an injection was developed that we were told was a vaccine, and administration of it began.

Next, the control group test data were corrupted by the injection maker by administering the drug to all participants in the trial.  This has never been done before.

Next, virus variants were detected in other countries, and specifically, they were detected in South America.

Next, we opened the southern border to all.

Next, the American people found out that Big Government and Big Tech are colluding to block important information that is contrary to the approved messaging about the virus and the "vaccine."

Next, we have legislation called COVID relief, but really, more than 80% of that money went to political paybacks and pet projects having nothing to do with COVID.

Next, the illegal aliens detained at the border were jammed into small spaces and not tested at the border.  Many illegals were sent to other states in the dead of night to be tested later.

Next, we are over a year into the pandemic, and we have one treatment approved by the FDA.  Despite indications that there are at least three successfully in use around the world — Remdesivir, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine — the FDA has only reluctantly added Remdesivir for people after they are hospitalized.

Next, we find out that the CDC is making policy based on recommendations from the teachers' union.  We have yet to learn who else is dictating COVID policy to the CDC.  China, perhaps?

Next, we find out that the illegals being dumped in the country are not being tested or reported to the local authorities.

Next, we find out that two of the drugs called a vaccine did not meet the legal definition of "vaccine."

Next, we find out the FDA is trying to change its definition of "vaccine" without comment or notice.

Next, we are told by the current White House occupant that the unvaccinated are a risk to the vaccinated.  How can that be if the vaccine works and protects the vaccinated?  Or is it not legally a vaccine?

This list took less than an hour to generate.  I am sure that readers at AT can expand it.

The current White House occupant is upset that we are not just accepting the standard of incompetence that has been displayed.  We are researching options for ourselves; keeping our friends and neighbors safe; and making our own decisions, as Americans have a history of doing.

A virus-like this cannot be contained or shut down. It can only be managed, and part of managing a virus is treatment options.  The incompetence and the denial of the FDA, NIH, and CDC to use proper science to validate treatment options continue to hinder our ability to manage this disease.

Please keep this list of incompetence in mind as you try to determine whom to trust in the days and months ahead.  This truly is a "pandemic of the incompetent."

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is an American worried about the state of the nation and how to solve the problems we face.  United we stand; divided we fall.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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