A movie about the Holodomor has eerie similarities to today's America

I recently watched the 2019 movie titled Mr. Jones.  The film is based on fact and focuses on Gareth Jones, a young British journalist, played by British actor James Norton, who gained notoriety by interviewing Hitler.  Jones worked alongside powerful Brits, which allowed him to travel to Moscow in 1933 in hopes of interviewing Joseph Stalin.  He never got close to the Soviet dictator.  Instead, Jones took a train south into Ukraine, where he learned that millions of Ukrainians were starving due to a man-made famine, engineered by Stalin.  (Jones's press releases after he left the Soviet Union detailed that the starvation was not limited to Ukraine.)

What the audience witnesses while viewing Mr. Jones foreshadows what could happen at any time, in any nation that suffers from dubious leadership tainted with subversive underpinnings.

While in Ukraine, Jones sees people who are starving everywhere he turns.  A horrified Mr. Jones encounters an old, emaciated peasant woman, who tells him, "Men came and thought they could replace the natural laws."

The natural laws have been replaced here, too: Americans being paid not to work, our government paying farmers to destroy crops, citizens being forced to take experimental "vaccines," rioting and mass destruction in our cities with no fear of punishment, election laws being ignored with no consequences for fraud, schools dumbing down students and teaching them to hate their country and each other, demonizing the police, destruction of the family via the Great Society, weakening the Church via the Johnson Amendment, broad-scale censorship, erosion of the First and Second Amendments, our leaders causing division and constantly exhibiting apathy and incompetence; and citizens hoarding non-perishable food because they do not trust the government and fear another Holodomor — an American Holodomor.

During Stalin's reign, according to Wikipedia, authorities in the Soviet Union banned discussing the famine and ordered Ukrainian historians to falsify findings and depict the famine as an unavoidable natural disaster, to protect the Communist Party and to hide the deadly legacy of Stalin.  Today, we see the "news business" using the same tactics about any information that reflects badly on the Biden administration and the left.

Jones's love interest in the film, Ada, a British actress played by Vanessa Kirby, confides in him, saying "they" (the communists) destroy all the culture and anything that is good.  Ada's declaration parallels the present ruthless cancel culture insanity.

Apparently, our former president concurs with Ada.  On August 21, during a rally in Alabama, Donald Trump yelled, "Everything 'woke' turns to s---."  The crowd roared in agreement.

Make no mistake: the term "woke" is code for "communist."

Toward the end of the film, the following warning is delivered: "If we let him (Stalin) get away with this man-made famine, there will be others like him."  Stalin did get away with it — and now we can clearly see that there are many "others" like him...in our own government.

Despite the impression that many young Americans desire a communist system, they do not wish to participate in a worker's utopia of the type that Stalin claimed "his people" enjoyed.  The neo-communists of the twenty-first century holler for more and more handouts.  They apparently have never heard of economics and are ignorant about the history of communism and the mass death that it demands.  They don't even know they're communists.

If the domestic communists get their way, yes, they will get everything free — but the problem is, eventually there's nothing to get.  People have no incentive to work, production stops, supply chains collapse, roads crumble, grocery stores are plagued with empty shelves, there are no shops or restaurants to frequent, etc.

One of the only things they will get free is government cheese, which will be thrown from government trucks for them to catch like hungry government rats.  When the trucks stop running (because there will be no fuel, courtesy of the Green New Deal) and the subsidized cheese runs out — we will all starve.

Mr. Jones found out firsthand what communism does: it erases all human rights, thrives on propaganda, creates terror, and eventually starves people.

As for Gareth Jones, he was murdered in 1935, with the NKVD (the Soviet secret police) the chief suspect in his death.  Dictators hate it when people speak the truth.

Image by Ned Cosby.

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