A look at the terrible plight of one of Biden's political prisoners

It's become clear since the January 6 protest that there's not a scintilla of truth to the leftist narrative that an insurrection occurred.  Nevertheless, the Democrats have used this hoax narrative to criminalize conservative protests.  In Biden's America, conservatives will always be too paranoid — and rightly so — to exercise their First Amendment rights because they know that the crowd will be infiltrated by FBI agents acting as agents provocateurs.  They know that if they're illegally entrapped this way, they will become Public Enemy No. 1 and end up as political prisoners.  And Julie Kelly has a heartbreaking article to prove that.

We know that the January 6 "insurrection" narrative is another Democrat hoax.  It was clear immediately after the event that very few people were violent or physically broke into Congress.  Instead, most people entered through doors that Capitol Police Officers opened for them and then wandered around.  No one was armed.

The only person who died from violence was an unarmed woman whom a Capitol Police officer shot, although he admittedly had no idea whether she was an actual threat.  Notably, the other police who dealt with the crowds never drew a gun.

We might have known more in the past few months if the DOJ had released the 14,000 hours of footage from the event.  The DOJ insisted, though, that doing so would be a major security breach because people might learn the ins and outs of a building that...people routinely visit with tickets from their congresscritters.

However, the other day, a federal judge — an Obama judge! — finally said enough and ordered prosecutors to start producing footage.  I like Tucker Carlson's rundown of that footage:

If there was an insurrection, it was the Deep State against ordinary Americans.  And that's where we get to Julie Kelly's heartbreaking article about the horrifying experience one Navy vet (with 20 years of service) had with our government because he dared to communicate with the Oath Keepers about potentially providing security (a plan that fell through).  Notably, he never entered the Capitol, nor did he commit any serious crime.

It began with a nighttime raid fit for a drug kingpin surrounded by Dobermans and armed guards:

Thomas Caldwell's wife awakened him in a panic at 5:30 a.m. on January 19.

"The FBI is at the door and I'm not kidding," Sharon Caldwell told her husband.

Caldwell, 66, clad only in his underwear, went to see what was happening outside his Virginia farm. "There was a full SWAT team, armored vehicles with a battering ram, and people screaming at me," Caldwell told me during a lengthy phone interview on September 21. "People who looked like stormtroopers were pointing M4 weapons at me, covering me with red [laser] dots."

Caldwell was dragged to the hood of a car, thrown upon it, and cuffed.  His wife, 61, trying to put on her socks before being forced into the freezing cold, had the red dot on her the whole time.

Like many other January 6ers, Caldwell foolishly agreed to answer FBI questions without a lawyer because "I didn't have anything to hide."  He'd done nothing wrong.  They took every piece of electronics from his home, including stealing his family photos.

The Feds then charged Caldwell with six federal crimes, claiming he had plotted an attack on the Capitol.  So, into jail he went:

Caldwell spent 53 days in jail, 49 of them in solitary confinement. He could not access his medication to relieve excruciating back pain caused by spinal injuries Caldwell suffered while serving in the Navy. When prison guards asked why he was incarcerated, he said, "I'm a political prisoner because of January 6."

In prison, Caldwell said he suffered "sadistic brutality by some correctional officers and there was warmth and compassion, the latter by other employees and every single inmate." His faith, he said, and the love of his wife sustained him. "I thought I would die in jail."

Just as the First Amendment is gone in Biden's America, so is the Sixth.

Caldwell was lucky enough to get a good, new attorney.  He's now under detention at home while still being accused as a central figure in a nothing of a case.  And Kelly notes, as others have, that the FBI doesn't seem to be charging people who were very active in making things happen, leading to the reasonable conclusion that those people are informants and agents.

For those wondering why so many still languish in prison, it's because they don't have the money or the contacts to get a good criminal defense attorney.  They're getting either whomever the government gives them or the recent grad from "Do It by Mail School of Law."

Welcome to Biden's America: call it Oceania in 1984 or the Soviet Union in 1965.  It doesn't matter.  The one thing it isn't anymore is America 1776.

Image: Granny selfies in the Capitol.

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