A health care worker reports from the inside on COVID insanity

As the ravages of the COVID narrative continue to wreak damage, there remains a not-insignificant swath of brave health care workers, from physicians to CNAs to administrative workers, who quietly but persistently question.  Contrary to much of today's culture, when they are not being censored by Big Tech, they dare to ask for more information regarding the current unrelenting fear-mongering put out by so many among the American media and government officials.  They are often not the loud, abrasive virtue-signalers prevalent today; they are more likely to speak in whispers and furtive glances, afraid of who may be listening.  They are not looking for glory or recognition.  Often, they just want to continue to do their business of taking care of others without fear of harassment, discrimination, forced vaccine compliance, and possibly termination should they fail to do as they are told. 

Yet that all too often cannot be allowed.  The message is clear these days from the higher-ups in health care.  Dissenters must be made to pay the price one way or another as pressure builds.  Get the vaccine.  Everything will get back to normal if you just do what you are told.  You could keep your job, you could prove to others that you are a good little soldier by offering your body as a guinea pig for an unproven, largely untested, and very new "vaccine."  Long-term consequences be damned.

If you are one of the few souls brave enough to be different, not to promptly fall into line, you can bet that your future is becoming increasingly uncertain and not at all promising.  The fact is, many employers continue to gather data and collect names on those who have and who have not gotten the big V, and they are often doing it not for harmless data-gathering purposes.  Usually, it is the first sign that you will be given an eventual choice: comply or face termination.  There is story after story after story of this very thing happening.  And at a time when we can little afford to lose a single competent health care worker. 

The fact of the matter is that we face risks every day.  Not one rational person experienced in the medical field would deny that COVID is real and that it can be a significant risk for some individuals in our population.  Where the disagreement arises is in being forced to hand over our bodies to a new vaccine for a virus that has roughly the same fatality rate as the flu (if current numbers can even be believed, with financial incentives being what they are for health care facilities who have COVID-positive patients).  The aggression and the manipulation tactics being brought to bear on people are alarming and disturbing.  Yet we are not supposed to ask questions, not supposed to doubt.  It does not matter if the masks, the shutdowns, and anything else make sense.  It is not science; it is compliance. 

I have worked day after day in a field desperately understaffed, forced to listen while my colleagues (people I have laughed with, cried with, sacrificed for) say despicable things about those individuals who even hesitate to get the vaccine.  Among the choice accusations they routinely trot out is that health and other reasons to remain unvaccinated do not matter; not falling into line proves that these people do not care about others, that they are clearly bad parents, and that they should not be allowed to receive health care.  Even musings about these people deserving to die for not being vaccinated are not unheard of in today's fear-driven climate.  Far from being alarmed that there are individuals who demur at rushing into being jabbed, people should be appalled that fellow Americans have become this unthinking, this willing to punish and become viciously vindictive toward those wanting more autonomy in making their own health care choices.

The virus of fear, the lack of critical thinking, and the rush to comply (and wanting to force others to do the same) is worse than that of the very real COVID.  Only there appears very little demand to halt its rampant spread.

Alison Ruthless is a pseudonym.

Image: torstensimon via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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