A COVID testing facility in Colorado reveals the con behind the panic

Candace Owens needed a COVID test, so she contacted a rapid response testing facility in Aspen, Colorado to make an appointment.  Instead of an appointment, she got a letter telling her there was no way that this business would ever test Owens because Owens is an anti-vaxxer.  Instead, said the owner, Owens could go to the slow, back-alley testing facility.  Owens publicized the exchange because it gives away the fact that this whole COVID panic in 2021 is a scam.

It all happened on Wednesday evening, when Owens contacted what purports to be the only rapid COVID testing site in Aspen, Colorado.  Instead of getting an appointment confirmation, Owens received a lunatic letter from Suzanna Lee, who identifies herself as the owner.  Having established her bona fides, she proceeds to ream Owens, saying Owens is unfit for one of Lee's tests:

We cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation, politicizing and DISCOURAGING the wearing of masks and actively dissuading people from receiving life-saving vaccinations.

To emphasize what a terrible thing it is for anyone to be denied service at Lee's elite facility, Lee lets Candace know what's in store for her elsewhere in Aspen:

The only other local testing option is the free kiosk by city hall. They mail their tests to Texas and have inconsistent result times, do not take appointments so its walk in only midday weekdays in their back alley.

Oh, no!  Not the back alley.  If I wanted to play the Democrats' racial games, I might suggest that telling this to a Black woman sounds remarkably like a 1950s Democrat telling a Black person to get to the back of the bus, use the back entrance, or go to that separate drinking fountain.

Lee closes by playing the martyr card, saying she and her team work too hard "to ensure that our community remains protected" to waste any time serving someone like Owens.

Owens responded in her typical insouciant fashion, first saying that the email could "be the most hilarious e-mail I have ever received in my life."  After laughing, Owens moved in for the kill:

Nothing screams "this virus isn't political" quite like googling the names of the people who book tests with you and determining on a case by case basis whether or not you will let them comply with your community covid measures. Nothing screams "I love my local community" quite like refusing to test people who are going to a local event and wish to ensure that are negative and therefore do not spread the virus.

Owens closed with a few more well-deserved verbal punches about the owner's sanity and vanity.

After Owens went public with the email exchange, she immediately received pushback from a leftist accusing her of showboating and, of course, wishing COVID on Owens:

Owens was unfazed.  She replied by making even more explicit her position that the issue wasn't what a private business could or could not do.  Instead, she was "pointing to the OBVIOUS FACT that she (and ALL of you lefties) know that this pandemic is fake.  If you were legitimately fearful you would encourage testing of the unvaxxed in your neighborhood."

In a second tweet, Owens doubled down on her main point that COVID paranoia in 2021 is a con game, noting that Lee had explicitly said that there was no one between Aspen and Texas who could give Owens a test.  "So she was willing to let me wander in her community unvaxxed, untested, and without a means to test — why?"  Owens answered her own question: "Because she isn’t afraid.  None of you are."

As for the vaccination, it's pretty clear that it's useless against the delta variant.  Thankfully, the delta variant isn't that severe (as is often the case as viruses mutate their way through communities).  In addition, if you're like Joe Rogan and have access to ivermectin, you may do just fine.

All in all, the brilliant Candace Owens took what a leftist intended as a monumental, principled stand against "bad" people and turned it around to reveal the terrible hypocrisy and cruelty lurking behind everything that leftists are doing.

Image: COVID testing by lukasmilan.  Pixabay license.

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