A challenge to Democrats' abortion-worship...from the left?

Terrisa Bukovinac identifies herself as a liberal feminist progressive member of the Democratic Party.  She also proudly proclaims her atheism.  But there's a catch to her leftist philosophy: she wants to "put the nail in the coffin of the abortion industry."

Terrisa is a daring "black swan" of the Democratic Party.  She wants to be the leader of a new movement within the party that is 100% opposed to abortion with plans to put abortion providers out of business. 

On Friday, October 1, Bukovinac will announce the name of a new pro-life organization that "will give space for left-leaning people who oppose abortion."  Their mission will be to bring a halt to abortion, including closing down Planned Parenthood.  She correctly points out that Planned Parenthood has been exploiting black women for years since its founding by Margaret Sanger.  Thus, she argues that white supremacy and racism cannot end without the shuttering of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers who focus primarily on non-white abortions.

Strategically, Bukovinac has timed the announcement of the new anti-abortion group to be made one day before the pro-abortion Women's March Network will hold a rally in Washington, D.C., titled the Rally for Abortion Justice.  To gain further public attention, Bukovinac, in a recent interview with Fox News, stated that "I think President Biden is a traitor to our party.  He's a traitor to human rights.  He's completely untrustworthy on this issue" for reversing his longstanding support of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of some abortions.

It will be interesting to see how the captains of the abortion industry respond to this new threat from such an unexpected direction.  Will the DNC tolerate such a group within its boundaries?  How will Democrat party leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, Leahy, Menendez, et al. respond?  They have built their political careers and reputations cultivating the feminist vote by convincing women that the right to abortion is essential to their health and their constitutional right.  The party leaders determined that this feminist vote was so essential for party survival that all members would have to pass a "pro-abortion litmus test."  Will any of these politicians now turn their backs on their constituents and do a 180 to adopt the new Democratic pro-life philosophy?

Maybe Bukovinac is on to something bigger than she imagines.  Maybe, undetected by leftist politicians, the vast majority of our population is over the idea that destruction of life in the womb is a good thing.  Maybe many are realizing that abortion has contributed to racism and white supremacy.  Maybe many think that it has led to more unhappiness than happiness in our culture.  Maybe it will be Bukovinac's movement that finally brings an end to our country's deviant reliance on abortion to solve social problems.  Maybe the pro-abortion legislation of the past five decades, like the laws passed following the Dred Scott decision that doubled down on slavery, will soon be found to be the worst laws ever written in our country's history.

God loves to surprise us with his solutions to human problems.

Image: Illinois Right to Life via YouTube.

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