Your papers, please!

“Show me your papers, please.” That line, spoken in a thick, generic European accent by a sinister-looking middle-aged man in a dark suit and black hat, is a staple of seemingly every spy thriller-oriented movie since 1960. The audience tenses up, holding its collective breath, as the movie’s protagonist offers their counterfeit credentials to the suspicious adversarial agent. They’ve been painstakingly crafted to look authentic, down to the most minute, seemingly trivial detail. An eyebrow is raised; a skeptical glance travels from the papers to our hero’s face and then back to the papers again. The four-second interval before the verdict is rendered is the longest four seconds imaginable.

Welcome to the Vaccine Passport Era in America. It’s coming. Every time a progressive says, “Don’t worry, we’re not thinking of doing that,” you can take to the bank that that’s exactly what they are planning on doing. They’re just looking for the perfect time and circumstance to rationalize away their initial publicly stated opposition.

  • The filibuster is a cornerstone of our democracy, we’d never change that.
  • Every person deserves to be treated equally, so we oppose any organization that discriminates based on race or gender.
  • We must ensure the integrity of our elections, because Trump and Russia stole the 2016 presidency from Hillary Clinton.

Those are just three recent examples of progressive double-speak out of thousands of examples. As soon as removing the filibuster is to their advantage, they’re for it. As soon as favoring certain demographic voting groups over others is to their advantage, they’re for it. As soon as either enforcing or ignoring voting standards and regulations is to their advantage, they’re for it.

Pressed on whether or not there will be a national vaccine requirement with its attendant “vaccine passport” documentation, administration officials and CDC spokespeople (the same thing, actually) say, slickly, things like, “We’re not thinking along those lines. We just hope everyone will get vaccinated voluntarily and we’ll push for that to happen.”

Any experienced observer of American political trends would place their money on this woke-obligated administration imposing a national vaccine mandate, especially if the various COVID mutation strains keep infecting people. That the vaccine is not yet provably effective against the variants is not important to this administration. This is all about societal control and anti-conservative initiatives, not national health.

Europe already has a de facto vaccine passport, the just-enacted “Green Pass.” Under its rules, patrons will have to use the pas to prove they’re vaccinated in order to enter dining establishments, go to concerts, museums, indoor sports venues, and the like. A vaccine passport in the U.S. would operate in pretty much the same manner: Unless an individual is provably vaccinated, their ability to move about freely and participate in the full range of social activities would be severely compromised.

The imposition of a vaccine mandate will introduce a dizzying array of legal and medical/ethical questions to American society and culture.

  • How would the intentionally unvaccinated segment react and what would the federal government do in response?
  • What would be the legal repercussions?
  • Is there an existing legal precedent to handle this?
  • The vaccines are still EUA only, so will the administration have to push for full FDA acceptance first?
  • In addition to the legal questions, from a medical/ethical standpoint, can any vaccine be mandated by the federal government, especially when COVID has a greater than 99% survival rate?
  • What about the thousands of illegal immigrants who stroll across the southern border with nary a concern as to their COVID status from the Biden administration?

The full range of political ramifications is at once extensive, unanticipated, and astonishingly unintended.

The very first thing a vaccine passport does is to totally and completely eviscerate the risibly transparent progressive claim that voter ID is racist, that minorities—specifically black Americans—somehow have a more difficult time getting a driver’s license or state-issued ID than whites or Hispanics or Asians. If progressives are going to require all residents to show proof of vaccination, then they are explicitly admitting that all people, regardless of race, gender, income level, or region of residence, have an equal legal obligation to comply with this requirement, and by direct implication, that all people have an absolutely equal ability to do so.

Republicans could jump on this immediately and use the progressives’ requirement of universal vaccine verification as ironclad proof that even in progressives’ eyes, people of any race, gender, or region of residency have an equal ability to acquire a piece of required personal documentation.

The public is in favor of voter ID requirements. Opposition to it is strictly a Democrat party electoral strategy, given how adept they’ve shown themselves recently to be at manipulating voting results and manufacturing fraudulent outcomes. The reality of real, verified voter ID would take a serious bite out of the Democrats’ ongoing vote-rigging efforts. This country is essentially a center-right country; true and honest elections—regardless of the effect of Leftist media bias and Soros-styled financial interference—would give the Republicans a far better chance in most closely contested encounters than they enjoy now.

The truly consequential, impactful, unintended consequence of Universal Vaccination documentation—the thing that no woke progressive has even thought of, the unconnected dots, the “4” missing from the “2 + 2” in their  “let’s make life as miserable as we can for conservatives” small minds—is this:

Once we have a universal vaccine documentation policy in place, we have voter ID. Every vaccine card is definitively and unmistakably linked to that one specific individual. It becomes their personal ID. Regardless of anyone’s ability or inclination to get a driver’s license or state ID, the vaccine passport becomes that person’s totally unambiguous, unchangeable voter ID. Once the Progressives impose proof of vaccination, they’ve implemented voter ID. Think about that.

There’s an old saying that is amusingly appropriate here: “Be careful what you wish for.”

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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