You won't have Gov. Andrew Cuomo to kick around anymore

Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that he's resigning as governor of New York because he loves the state and it's clear that he's in the way.  Since I think very little of the man, both as a person and a politician, the fact that he's leaving seems like good news.  However, it's very likely that, by pulling out now, he's sparing himself and his minions a criminal investigation into the 15,000 old people who died last year when he insistently warehoused COVID patients in retirement communities.  Also, considering who's already lining up to take his place, New York may find itself going from the corrupt Democrat frying pan into the equally corrupt communist fire.

Here's Cuomo's full statement.  It's clear that, in his own mind, he's doing New Yorkers a great favor because of this sacrifice:

It's rather striking that, just as Michael Avenatti went from being America's savior to a fallen man, exactly the same thing has happened to Cuomo.  It's apparent that leftists are elevating really bad human beings in their rush to destroy conservatism in America and gain permanent power.

The entire Democrat establishment drooled over Cuomo last year, so much so that Hollywood gave him an Emmy for his performance as a governor on television (ignoring the people his intentional policies killed).  I'm not holding my breath for any of those same people to have a "come to Jesus" moment.  At some point, you'd think they'd start to wonder why their idols all have feet of clay, but introspection isn't a leftist trait.

While there's a certain satisfaction in seeing Cuomo resign in disgrace, the fact that he's doing so because it finally became expedient for his party to dump him over behavior they've known about for years (and even decades) takes some of the bloom off that rose.  In other words, Cuomo's resigning not because he did a bad thing.  He's resigning because his party is moving on and moving left (more on that in a minute).

The clever thing is that by ousting Cuomo over sex charges, a charge that has become the left's go-to play since the #MeToo movement started, Democrats won't have to address his abysmal policy decisions during the COVID epidemic.  Considering that Cuomo was sending sick people to vulnerable nursing homes, despite knowing what would happen, leaves one wondering what reasons drove him.

Did he send COVID viruses to nursing homes so there would be lots of deaths on Trump's watch, destroying his chance at re-election?  Or did he seed nursing homes with COVID because old people are expensive, requiring government funds even though they're no longer generating taxable income?  I wouldn't put either motive past Cuomo, but now we'll never know.

And then there's the question of what comes after Cuomo.  I've said for some time now that New York attorney general Letitia James is gunning for his job.  She's the same woman who has been relentlessly trying to find evidence of some crime against Trump.  This isn't because she had any reason to believe he'd engaged in criminal acts.  This is because, like Stalin's Lavrentiy Beria, she operates on the "show me the man, and I'll show you the crime" principle.

James, who used to joke that "A.G." stands for "almost governor," isn't the only hard-leftist-to-the-point-of-being-Stalinist who has her eye on the top seat.  Bill de Blasio, the hard leftist who's returned New York City to its 1970s-era misery, has also said he's interested in running.

And there's Al Sharpton, who also has his eye on the governor's office.  Sharpton has remade himself into a sort of respectable political commentator, but for me, he'll always remain the corrupt race-hustler who destroyed several men's lives over the fake Tawana Brawley story.

In addition to his generic race-hustling, let's just say I don't take seriously Sharpton's belated apology for his utterly disgraceful anti-Semitic role in stirring up the Crown Heights pogrom of 1991.  Thanks to his diligent efforts to inflame the mob, including telling them to "kill the Jews," he ignited three days of violence against Jews in Crown Heights, as well as the murder of one Jewish man and one Italian-American man who was mistaken for a Jew.

Andrew Cuomo is a bully, a hustler, a fondler, and a killer of old people.  He deserves a life of shame and ignominy.  However, with his departure, the way is paved for a Stalinist attorney general, a communist mayor, and an anti-Semitic race-hustler to fight for the New York state governor's office.  Let's hope New York is able to do better than one of those three.  If not, though, the state will get everything it deserves — and Florida will add tens of thousands more citizens as the smart folks leave New York state behind for good.

Image: Andrew Cuomo resignation.  YouTube screen grab.

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