Yikes! These nurses are determined to get their hands on this woman's baby

There's an old saying: he who pays the piper calls the tune.  In England, doctors, nurses, and hospitals get their paychecks from the government.  That's all that matters to them, rather than the fact that it's the British people who pay the taxes that fund those paychecks.  With their loyalty to the British government that writes their checks, rather than to the public that funds those checks, a gaggle of nurses earnestly told a pregnant mother that she had no rights to her baby once he was born — and he was getting a COVID test, or the British version of Child Protective Services would be all over that family.  This is what Democrats want for you.

Summit News explains what's happening, which is otherwise a little confusing because the people are talking over each other and the mom and dad have strong Cockney accents:

A video out of the UK shows NHS nurses demanding to COVID test a newborn baby, claiming it's not the mother's property once outside the womb and then threatening to report her to social services for refusing.

The shocking video, which was posted to Twitter, shows a heavily pregnant mother in a hospital bed being lectured by nurses about how it's mandatory for the baby to be given a COVID test immediately after birth.

"It is my property," states the mother, to which one of the nurses responds, "so you will…while the baby's in your abdomen."

"So you're saying once the baby comes out it's not my property no more, yes it is, I gave birth to it, it's got my blood running through it," the mother asserts.

The mother, who apparently is close to giving birth, is getting more and more upset.  The nurses, instead of offering an explanation for the policy, empathy, or even sympathy, continue to insist that the baby is getting tested whether the mother likes it or not.  This is a peculiar stance, given that "most newborns who test positive for the coronavirus have mild symptoms or none at all, and recover," although "serious cases have occurred."  Since January 4, 2020, here in the U.S., only 124 children in the entire 0–4 age group have died, although it's unclear whether they died with or from COVID, and how many were newborn infants.  Every child's death is a tragedy, but that's 124 children out of roughly 23.6 million children 5 and under (in percent form, 0.0005% died).

The baby's father eventually says they're leaving the hospital, at which point the nurses make the ultimate threat: the parents' objections are going to be documented and passed along to the "safeguarding team," which is their version of Child Protective Services.

I have issues with Child Protective Services (CPS).  Although I never had a run-in with them, I've known several loving parents who found themselves embroiled with CPS for infractions such as taking a blow dryer away from a teenage girl using it over a sink full of water; punishing a boy by giving him water, instead of milk, for one lunch; and struggling with a child suffering from night terrors.  In each case, CPS instantly conceded that the parents' action was not wrong — and in each case, CPS nevertheless dogged and second-guessed these parents for years.  Worse, the children learned that they could get anything they wanted from their parents by threatening to call CPS — and they taught their school friends that cool trick, too.

Meanwhile, a friend fought his local CPS for years to recover a child from a mother who was drug-addicted and prostituted herself, often taking the child with her to bars to pick up business.  CPS refused to act because of the bias in favor of mothers.  (In that jurisdiction, the rule was, if she aborts, no problem; if she abuses, also no problem.)

But most importantly, if you put yourself within the National Health Service, you have no rights.  They can kill you if you're old, and when you bring your children in, you have no say over them.  Much the same is true in Democrat enclaves all over America, where abortions and birth control pills are freely available to tweens and teens without parental knowledge or consent.

The thing to remember is that the state does not love you.  As long as the state has money, it will keep its promises to care for you — as was the case in Europe, when America took care of its defense costs during the Cold War, leaving European nations more money to fund their medical care.  However, the moment the money starts running out, the state does not have an incentive to be efficient, inventive, or courageous.  Its only interest is in keeping its paychecks going, and to heck with you.

If you doubt me, look at the teachers' unions across America the moment COVID hit our shores.  They've destroyed children's education and, often, their emotional health, without ever having a break in their paychecks.  Their priority is not your children.

Image: Babies in nursery cribs.  Internet meme.

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