Will Afghanistan really change anything for the better?

The thousands of American hostages are now fungible, working parts of the politics surrounding the abject, shameful, ignorant, and ill-advised unilateral overnight abrogation of any and all responsibilities to Afghan allies and the unfortunate Americans who are now collateral damage in a war we should never have fought.

We can and should expect the Taliban — atavistic 7th-century throwbacks who look and act like extras in The Man Who Would Be King — to follow form.  They will act extemporaneously, shockingly, and with little, if any, concern for the opinion of the outside world.

Conservative media will bludgeon (deservedly so) the woke Progressives in the military and in Washington, D.C. who bear responsibility for this debacle, and those woke Progressives will seek to shift blame; initiate into the daily narrative red herrings; and, most importantly, fetishize the plight of the hostages — not because they care, but because they will, as always, "never let a crisis go to waste."

Refugees by the hundreds of thousands will be installed in a community near you.  Biden and a few of his clique will be blamed.  (At this point, the Democrats don't care.  Biden couldn't get re-elected if he ran unopposed.)  They'll be thrown under the bus, and the media will pretend all is once again well in the land of woke.

Thousands will be tortured and killed, no one will resign, the military will continue to be a Petri dish experiment for Marxists, the globalists will shrug this off like water off a duck's back, and Democrats will benefit by way of — this year — millions of refugees and immigrants who all vote for free stuff from you.  The next election will be rigged, and you, not the illegal aliens, will have to show your papers to live here.  In general, the hatred of "domestic terrorists/Trump voters" will be further codified into law.

Don't think for a second that anything will change.  The media, the federal government, academia, Big Tech, Wall Street, and the DNC will determine how this plays out.  Not you.  Not your vote.

No, this crisis will not go to waste.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

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