Why isn't natural immunity a reason not to get vaccinated?

In all the discussions of vaccines to get immunity (of a sort) from COVID, there is a big blind spot surrounding natural immunity.  Studies have shown that natural immunity, the kind one gets from surviving a bout of the actual disease, is superior to the immunity the vaccines may create.  The obvious question is "Why are they ignoring natural immunity?," but for some reason, the question is not directly answered.  I have a few theories.

For a while, there was no easy way to test for natural immunity.  When those tests came out, I found that I had to travel 100 miles to get one and that my insurance would not cover the $160.

Now the very new COVID tests are widely available for those feeling ill or curious.  They've been passing out the COVID tests like candy at the Christmas parade, which explains why antibody testing did not take off.  Why should it?  If one had COVID as determined by the nasal probe, then one would achieve natural immunity and be good to go, assuming one survived the virus.

But still, why aren't we testing for natural immunity to see who needs the vaccine?  It would make sense that those with the superior antibodies shouldn't need to risk a vaccine that still has some questions attached to it.  There are reasons we do not look for natural immunity or even talk about it.  The reasons are not scientific.

The first reason is that testing people for natural immunity as a screen for the vaccine would reveal possibly millions of people who successfully survived a "deadly" disease without any long-lasting harm or even knowing they had it.  The Democrats must maintain the narrative that this virus is a deadly scourge of mankind.  People who survive and have immunity without even realizing it make it a lot less dangerous and scary — but scary is important to the narrative.

The second reason is related to the inaccuracies in the PCR tests.  There are a significant number of false positive tests...but let's not say they are false.  Maybe it is that the PCR tests are too good at finding traces of the virus.

We don't know how many people felt bad, tested positive, and thought they had an active COVID infection when it might have been something else.  If these people later took a COVID antibody test, they'd expect it to be positive, leaving them free from the risks of the vaccine.  What happens if the antibody test is negative?

They would then realize that their suffering — fearing death as well as isolation from family and friends — was for the flu or a bad cold.  A lot of people would instantly be unhappy when they realized they went through all of that and still are not exempt from vaccine requirements.

The most insidious problem is also related to those "too good at finding traces" tests.  There are millions of people who have been told they had COVID as the result of a positive test that they took only because they were required to do so.  If they were healthy, but the hypersensitive test revealed they had COVID, they would have a profound sense of loss: lost work, time, and money.  More than that, they would have isolated themselves from society for two weeks to spare the world their deadly disease.  Then they had to take another test to prove purity with a negative result to return to the land of the free.

Moreover, through draconian contact tracing systems, people they had contacted had to also withdraw from society.  Entire businesses were shut down when one employee tested positive.  What if an antibody test reveals that a poorly administered or improperly calibrated test led to a false positive result of COVID?  They would be many very unhappy people.

Those are probable reasons no one is testing for natural immunity.  We cannot know how many survived without knowing they were sick and we also can never know how many were never sick who thought they were.

The testing for antibodies and natural immunity would create the data set that would show just how many people were really infected and with what severity.  It might also show the amount of unnecessary disruption forced on our lives and businesses.  It just might show the statistics of cases, deaths, and survivability were concocted to sell a narrative.  None of that can ever be known.

Image: COVID virus. Public domain.

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