Who are the Americans who don't 'want to come home' from Afghanistan?

Over the past few days, the Biden administration, and Biden himself, have said repeatedly that they will evacuate all Americans who "want to come home."  The latest was Jen Psaki, who said it again today.  The repetition indicates that this phraseology was not happenstance, but had some thought behind it.

My question is, who are the people who don't want to come home?  Are there really Americans who want to remain in Afghanistan under Taliban rule?  Whom is the Biden administration referring to, or thinking of?

The Taliban have said that the August 31 deadline for the evacuation is also a "red line," after which there will be "consequences."  Sounds ominous.  You'd think anyone who doesn't want to "come home" will be motivated to after hearing that.  Yet Psaki repeated the phrase after the Taliban statement about the "red line."

I guess it depends on how you define the phrase "want to come home."  How do you know if there are people who don't want to "come home"?  Are they defined as people who don't show up at the airport by August 31?  Are they the people who got the message from the State Department saying the United States government cannot assure the safety of Americans while they travel through Taliban checkpoints to the airport?  Or maybe they're the people who tried to get to the airport and were beaten by the Taliban, then made it to the airport only to wait for nine hours in sweltering heat while they soiled themselves because of no bathroom facilities and still couldn't get into the airport because of the chaos and were then told by the State Department to leave the area because of "security concerns."  Are those the people they're referring to?

Since the Biden administration hasn't defined the phrase, it's anyone's guess.  Mine is that the administration wants to use the phrase as a catch-all for anyone left behind after August 31.  Like, hey, we tried, but some people didn't "want to come home."

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