Where is Raúl, and what happened to the Cuban generals?

It's been a rough summer for generals in Cuba.  They are dropping like flies, as we see in this report:

Over just nine days this month, Cuban state media announced the deaths of five generals, sparking a wave of discussion and rampant speculation among analysts and exiles.

The senior military leaders all appear to have died between July 17 and 26. Some were serving and others retired, but all had lauded military careers. The youngest was 58. Most were in their 70s or 80s. It is not clear what caused the deaths, and there is no indication they were related.

The deaths of several generals in a short space of time come as the revolutionary vanguard that has led the communist country for six decades hands over power to a new generation.

Maybe they all moved to the other side of the grass in the same time frame, or maybe they were pushed?  Honestly, nobody knows for sure, but it's a bit strange.  Of course, some would argue that they were lucky, because it won't be pretty when retributions start.  It's better to be dead when regimes collapse.  Just ask Romania's Nicolae Ceaușescu and his lady.

Raúl Castro's whereabouts are also a mystery.  The younger Castro brother has been technically out of power for a bit and did make a cameo appearance to support the regime.  We've heard all kinds of rumors about colon cancer but nothing official.  All we know is that he turned 90 two months ago.

Back in the days of the USSR, they would play special music on the radio before they told us that the leader died.  We will monitor Radio Havana to see if the mood changes.

A lot of things are happening in Cuba and much of it behind the curtains.  It's hard to know for sure, but the regime must be worried that the young are the ones marching.

Here is a bit of good news: Americans support the freedom movement in Cuba via my friends over a Babalu.  We will need a lot of Americans dropping their "tourism dollars" in Cuba after the regime changes.

Cuba is changing, and I plan to write a future AT post from a free Cuba.  It will honor my parents and their entire generation for standing up to these communist thugs.

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Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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