What Pfizer's FDA approval for the vaccine means...and doesn't mean

The big COVID news is the Food and Drug Administration has granted formal approval for the Pfizer vaccine.  Heretofore, the COVID vaccines were being used on an emergency basis.  Putting aside the hoopla, the approval of this novel mRNA vaccine has to be suspect.  Realize that the FDA was under intense political pressure to approve it.  Plus the vaccine had already been administered to hundreds of million people worldwide.  Given all that, it would have been impossible for the FDA not to proclaim the vaccine as safe.  Approval was a foregone conclusion

Joe Biden said the approval was the result of a painstaking and exhaustive scientific study on the vaccine.  That's not true.  For details of Biden's deception, see Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Children Health Defense organization.

Regardless of the shortcuts taken in the approval process and the shoddy upfront work by Big Pharma, this approval is treated with five-star status and is being used to push the vaccine on the unvaccinated. Here's but a small sampling. 

Anthony Fauci during an interview on CNN: "Enough is enough.  We've just got to get people vaccinated." 

President Biden chirped in, saying that with the formal FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine, "the time is now to go out and get it.  Get vaccinated today."

Terry McAuliffe, former Democrat governor of Virginia and current gubernatorial candidate, is demanding that "every Virginia employer ... require all eligible employees to be vaccinated."

As to what the FDA approval actually will and will not do: The approval will be used as both a talking point to persuade the unvaccinated and a club to coerce the "vaccine-hesitant" to do so.  This latter point will be done by emboldening businesses, universities, local government entities, and even K–12 school districts to issue vaccine mandates.  Expect such mandates to come cascading down.  This will force millions of people throughout society to make no-win decisions — your job or the jab; take the vaccine or drop out of college; take the shot or perhaps forgo admittance to a hospital.  It's the intent of "The Man" to leave nowhere to hide if you want to avoid putting the COVID vaccine in your body.  And down the road, should the COVID vaccines prove to have serious side effects, the thinking from on high may well be "oh, well, we had to break some eggs to make an omelet."  

What this Potemkin-like approval doesn't mean, however, is that the vaccine has been proven safe or even effective.  Only time will tell.  This ongoing mass COVID inoculation is literally the largest medical experiment in human history, in which the vaccinated are the lab rats.  Preliminary reports from the field are not that encouraging.  In fact, some are downright ominous, although you wouldn't know that from the corporate media.

Image: torstensimon via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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