Video: Chuck Schumer and Stephen Colbert hoof around like elephants while Afghanistan burns

Did someone say 'cringe'?

Get a load of this:

Sadly, you can't unsee it.

The two middle-aged men hopping around to gangsta rap like elephants with the much younger blonde ponytailed chick who has a canned beverage and cellphone in her hand, in New York's Central Park, are Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and big-name multimillionaire leftist media personality Stephen Colbert. 

It's the dance of the elephants in its own right, ridiculous enough, given that you know that neither of the oafs would listen to that kind of music unless they had to, but it comes as the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan is collapsing and 10,000 Americans remain trapped behind enemy lines, hopeful that maybe the Germans, Brits or French troops will find them and rescue them. The American Marines and 82nd Airborne troops aren't allowed outside the airport perimeter even as the Taliban has shot into the airport crowd gathered at the gates, blocked access to American passport holders, and has been caught beating up Americans. At the same time, the U.S. is being led by a clearly discapacitated president, and the Pentagon is still wondering if the Taliban is an enemy.

As Schumer hoofs it up, over on the headlines today are like these:

Now, Schumer can't control all of the events going on around him. But there's something grotesque about these optics, given that Schumer's a top U.S. leader, the U.S. is under catastrophic siege, and instead of showing some kind of sense of purpose at a time like this, he's out fiddling while Rome burns, partying with the usual swamper elites and media biggies, doing high-fives with Colbert, who's not wearing a mask. Notice that both have backstage pass lanyards dangling around their necks, given that neither would dream of partying with the hoi polloi even with that kind of "music."

The event was apparently a welcome-back New York concert in Central Park, intended to celebrate the city's return from COVID lockdowns. The image was first posted and spread around by Bill Neidhardt, who is Mayor Bill deBlasio's press secretary, apparently thinking it an image enhancer. The event, though, was reportedly cut short based on lightning strikes from above. It sounds like maybe Someone Above couldn't take it, either.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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