Time to impeach Biden

After having appointed a special counsel, or in place of it, under 5 U.S. Code §1212 — Powers and functions of the Office of Special Counsel, specifically under (a) (aB), (a3), Congress must act to impeach this president for high crimes and misdemeanors, gross mismanagement, violating the nation's laws, and endangering the public health and safety of citizens.

(a) The Office of Special Counsel shall—


in accordance with section 1214(a) and other applicable provisions of this subchapter…


file a complaint or make recommendations for disciplinary action under section 1215;


receive, review, and, where appropriate, forward to the Attorney General or an agency head under section 1213, disclosures of violations of any law, rule, or regulation, or gross mismanagement ... an abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety[.]

Congress must begin impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden, V.P. Kamala Harris, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, and his deputies, who likely have knowledge of the events that squashed investigations into the nation's murderous governors.

The investigations should include the governors, secretaries of state, and attorneys general of New York and Michigan.  Charges include, but are not limited to, obstruction of justice, abuse of authority, abuse of power, abuse of office, covering up criminal activity, conspiracy, and criminal self-dealing.  Considering allegations of potential collusion among these individuals and associates to cover up crimes that resulted in the deaths of citizens, provisions of the RICO Act for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud shall be attached.

Investigative subpoenas to the staffs of these politicians must be prepared immediately to protect the integrity of the nation's justice and political systems, primarily its national security to protect America's citizens from harm.

This administration's corruption of Department of Justice investigations into the COVID deaths of thousands of innocent Americans at the hands of negligent and profiteering Democrat governors is an unconscionable violation of the standards and norms of governance.  The EOs and fraudulent reports signed by these governors were designed to keep them, and other Democrats allied with them, in power.  These COVID deaths are the documented results of the official malfeasance, mismanagement, and self-aggrandizement of the Democrat politicians who had control of and misgoverned their respective health care systems.  They placed their political interests first, the health, welfare, and lives of their citizens last.

Behind mismanaging their respective health care systems that wasted billions of taxpayer dollars while killing, rather than curing patients, these politicians opportunistically used the tragedy of the pandemic to campaign for themselves seeking higher office (the same assisted by partisan media soft money).  Negligently having created the health care debacle to begin with, they avoided accountability for their lethal decisions.

These Democrats not only were committing criminal fraud against the people but have blood on their hands.

Blocking investigations across several blue states is a criminal shirking of presidential responsibility and duty worthy of impeachment.  Biden covered up for self-dealing Democrats Gretchen Whitmer and Andrew Cuomo, who deliberately, solely for political advantage, made choices to endanger their state's citizens, and then filed deceitful, fraudulent reports on the number of deaths.  All for political advantage.

The civil rights of American citizens were first violated by Cuomo and Whitmer, whose negligence took their lives, and their survivor's civil rights were violated again by Biden's blocking the only path to accountability and justice.

Did these two governors actually murder their respective state's citizens?

RES IPSA LIQUITUR: The Facts Speak for Themselves.

Democrats involved in this scheme to cover up their associates' high crimes have faced no accountability for misdeeds that are real (as opposed to the fake impeachment of Donald Trump for Joe Biden's crimes in Ukraine and China).

This abuse of power, by and for Democrats only, sets double standards as precedents for politicians on the public dole to freely continue their persistent criminal corruption and self-dealing.


Obstruction of Justice occurs when an investigation in process is obstructed by withholding information from ... or [having] ordered a subordinate to not proceed or dismiss a case.


18 USC §1503 defines "obstruction of justice" as an act that "corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening ... communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice."


Someone obstructs justice when that person has a specific intent to obstruct or interfere with a judicial proceeding. For a person to be convicted of obstructing justice, that person must not only have the specific intent to obstruct the proceeding, but that person must know (1) that a proceeding was actually pending at the time; and (2) there must be a connection between the endeavor to obstruct justice and the proceeding, and the person must have knowledge of this connection.

§ 1503 applies ... to federal judicial proceedings. Under 18 USC §1505 a defendant can be convicted of obstruction of justice by obstructing a pending proceeding before Congress or a federal administrative agency.

This president, as well as the former president who enacted a coup to save his broken legacy and destroy the pro-American legacy of his successor, has been corrupting the justice bureaucracy to benefit himself and his agenda of malfeasance and corruption.


§11.448 Abuse of office.

A person acting or purporting to act in an official capacity or taking advantage of such actual or purported capacity commits a misdemeanor if, knowing that his or her conduct is illegal, he or she denies or impedes another in the exercise of an investigation or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power or immunity.

Congress, state attorneys general, federal judges, America-first organizations with the resources to influence, GOP, take note: you have an obligation.  You know what to do.  Do it now!

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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