There are lots of reasons to question the FDA's greenlighting Pfizer's vaccine

According to VAERS, 3,079 people have died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, and nearly 3,900 have suffered a permanent disability.  Many more thousands have been hospitalized with post-vaccination side-effects.  Think about that, and then think about this "approval" of the vaccine as being "safe."  While I realize that nothing is perfect, my only conclusion is that it was a political approval.  The vaccine has killed and disabled an awful lot of otherwise healthy people, which doesn't seem to me to warrant the green light it's been given.

Previous experimental vaccines have been pulled for far fewer dangerous side-effects.  Normal vaccine approval is a 5- to 10-year process.  We've accelerated the timeline because of the pandemic.  Was that wise?

While I'm not a medical person or a researcher, I am guilty of exercising logic whenever I can.  We still have no clear evidence that the Pfizer jab (or any of the others, for that matter) is safe in the long run.  Previous attempts at a vaccine for swine flu, for instance, were halted after causing Guillain-Barré syndrome in recipients.  It's an awful disease, causing total paralysis in some.  Note that it is one of the serious side-effects of this vaccine, along with clotting disorders and heart disorders.  All can have lifelong deleterious effects.

Then, there's the way the vaccine-pushers are willfully ignoring the fact that the delta variant infects the vaccinated, and if you read the story of the vaccinated chickens that ran on American Thinker yesterday, you'll understand that the vaccine itself may be causing virus's rapid transformation.  The idea that a vaccine can cause a virus to mutate, and that the mutations may be worse than the original, is inescapable.  I've written before about antibody-dependent enhancement.  There are many warnings, but the government refuses to listen to any of them.

Because the bloviating class has spread so much misinformation about treatments, to keep up the relentless push to get everyone jabbed (the emergency use authorization is okayed only if there is no viable treatment), many doctors have been afraid to prescribe available treatments, or believe they have been disallowed to prescribe them.  I know I had to hunt for a doctor willing to treat me in case I get COVID, and I have heard from readers whose doctors flat-out stated that they were "unable" to prescribe ivermectin.  If that's the case, by the way, America's Frontline Doctors will help.

Way back in January, I wrote an article here titled Munchausen by (government) proxy.  I felt that we were on the wrong track — and that was before we started our mass vaccination drive.  Munchausen by proxy is a mental illness diagnosis, where the caregiver convinces someone that he is ill, then takes control over his life.

I personally think I called it correctly — and if you look at places like Australia, where totalitarian lockdowns have become commonplace, it's hard to call that anything but a mental illness sapping those in charge of all common sense.  There's a secondary mental health condition called Stockholm syndrome.  It's where someone, generally someone taken hostage, starts to identify with the captors.  An emotional bond forms.  Seeing the abject fear and dependence on government and the willingness to give up basic rights among many people, I think this applies as well.

It's disturbing to see our cities rush to ban unvaccinated people from living their lives.  The relentless pressure to get the jab will be even more fierce.  For those of us unwilling to be guinea pigs, life could get even more difficult.

One thing I want to note before ending.  Despite the continual barrage of scare porn from the government and the press, if you want to see what the reality is with COVID infections and deaths, check this site.  It's kept up to date.  You might be shocked at how few people are dying from COVID right now.

Image: COVID virus.  Public domain.

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