The Taliban issued a chilling order to Kabul residents

Leftists constantly tell us that we must end the Second Amendment’s protections because doing so will end violent crime in America. What the useful idiots don’t know and their leaders prefer that they never know, is that disarming a population is always a precursor to a tyrannical government turning on its own people. Sadly, it’s likely that Afghanistan will soon provide a real-time reminder of what happens to a disarmed populace.

The news out of Afghanistan is clear: The Taliban are demanding that all Kabul residents hand over any privately owned weapons and ammunition in their possession. (Hat tip: Twitchy.)

The Nazi’s first order of business when they took over Germany was to seize all Jewish-owned weapons, moving from there to seize all privately owned weapons.

China, which currently has imprisoned around a million Uighurs, has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the world. Mao fully understood that, as he said, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” By 1966, China had total, centralized gun control.

The already-forgotten genocide in Darfur, Sudan, when Arab Muslims first killed Christians and then African Muslims, was preceded by gun control laws:

In Sudan, it is virtually impossible for an average citizen to lawfully possess the means for self-defense. According to the national gun control statutes, a gun licensee must be over 30 years of age, must have a specified social and economic status and must be examined physically by a doctor. Women have even more difficulty meeting these requirements because of social and occupational limitations.

There are additional restrictions on the amount of ammunition one may possess, making it nearly impossible for a law-abiding gun owner to achieve proficiency with firearms. A handgun owner, for example, can only purchase 15 rounds of ammunition a year. The penalties for violation of Sudan’s firearms laws are severe and can include capital punishment.

The Rwanda genocide was also made possible thanks to gun control. According to an article at Gun Owners of America,

“Gun control” promoted at least seven other major 20th Century genocides, including those in Rwanda, Cambodia, and the ex-Soviet Union. In just 103 days, 800,000 Rwandans were murdered in 1994, including several hundred thousand thanks to “gun control” (laws of 23 November 1964 and 1 May 1979). In these eight major genocides, a total of 57 million children, women, and men were murdered by officials of governments “gone bad,” thanks to “gun control.”

There is no killer in the world more deadly than a government that turns on its own, unarmed citizens.

And of course, it’s not always genocide—or at least, it doesn’t start that way. Australia has become a police state, with both the police and military hunting down anyone who violates the lockdown rules. (Apparently the police and military, in their useless little paper masks, are immune to COVID.) Australia has increasingly restricted gun ownership rights.

Currently, the Taliban are going door-to-door, looking for Christians and American allies to kill, and little girls to rape. In every one of the households they approach, people don’t even have the consolation of taking a few of these savages with them. Instead, they die or are kidnapped alone and unarmed.

Joe Biden has unleashed a terrible evil on Afghanistan, and we can reasonably predict that this evil—jihad unlimited helped along by leftists mad for gun control—will spread.

Image: A disarmed citizenry. Public domain.

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