The right won't win until it starts actually wanting to win

Reading and listening to the conservative news media, talk radio, and so-called conservative politicians, it is striking that they do not understand the fight that the nation is engaged in.  They seem to believe that the difference between the left and right is made up of cordial disagreements like what existed between Tip O'Neil and Ronald Reagan.  What is happening in the United States is not a simple disagreement; it is a desire by the majority party, a party that hates America and everything that it stands for and has accomplished, to take America down.  Not just institute a few liberal policies, but take it down. 

When watching the president's address to the nation on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, it was obvious that he was bragging about the evacuation of civilians in Afghanistan even though there was no possible way to get all the Americans out of the country by the deadline.  How could he brag?  Well, in their eyes, this has been a remarkable success.  America has been greatly diminished in the eyes of our allies and our enemies.  Success.  The military has suffered a horrible defeat due to poor leadership that will hurt recruitment for years to come.  Success.  China will now have access to the rare earth minerals located in Afghanistan.  Success.  The allies of the United States will have grave doubts about whether they can count on the United States.  Success.  They do not care about the Americans left in the country or the Afghans who helped us any more than Stalin cares about the peasants in Ukraine or Mao the peasants in the fields of China.

Even moving away from Afghanistan, the administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress continue to make decisions that directly hurt or diminish America.  Stop construction of the keystone pipeline to diminish America's ability to be energy independent.  Success.  They removed sanctions so that Russia can complete its pipeline to Germany, thereby moving Western Europe closer to Russia.  Success.  Begging OPEC to produce more oil to increase revenue to countries that are at best fair-weather friends.  Success.  Eliminating the southern border.  Success.  Covering for the Chinese Communist Party's role in letting the COVID virus escape from a lab and then covering it up.  Success.  Move the country to a single-party socialist system?  Well on the way to success.

Unfortunately, there are very few conservatives in the House, and they have almost no power in the Republican caucus.  The Senate is even worse, with leadership and other members looking at bills, seeing how they can profit, and letting the socialist trend march on.  McConnell, Romney, Young, Graham, and the rest do little to stop the onslaught, while the so-called Democratic moderates are with the Democratic Socialists on every vote, even after they huff and puff a little prior to the vote. 

It is very disheartening to conservatives, but the few of us who still exist need to be a vocal minority.  Conservatives need to call and contact every member of Congress constantly, and they need to activate any relative or friend who can do the same.  We need to demand the release of political prisoners held by the federal government.  We need to make the members of Congress understand that they are with us or against us and brace for the fact that most Republicans will be against us.  We need to contact state representatives and senators.  We need to be at school board meetings.  We need to refuse to fund agencies and organizations that contribute to the taking down of America.  And we need to speak up today.

Image: tomaszmichalkania via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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