The real story behind the Colorado Rockies fan who hollered the 'N-word'

It made headlines: a Colorado Rockies fan called the Marlins' Lewis Brinson, who is black, the "N-word."  The fan was lambasted up hill and down dale and was very soon going to be doxed and have his life destroyed.  Except it was all untrue.  In fact, the fan was hollering to get the attention of Dinger, the Rockies' mascot.  The Rockies and others in the media admitted that they'd created their own racial hoax, but, of course, no apology was forthcoming for the man they'd maligned.

Just two days ago, the world was shaken by the horror of it all — a Colorado Rockies fan was screaming the "N-word" at the top of his lungs to Lewis Brinson, a Black player on the opposing team:

The team instantly disavowed its racist fan:

Except that, when calmer heads prevailed, the fan wasn't doing anything bad at all.  The video makes it clear that he was trying to catch the attention of Dinger, the Rockies' mascot:

The Rockies team had to acknowledge that its fans hadn't suddenly turned into ravening White supremacists that the team would be forced to disavow:

Sharp-eyed people, however, noticed instantly what’s missing from that statement:

And certainly, that fan was due an apology, because he understood the rain of hellfire that was about to pour down on him and his family:

And an addendum:

The Rockies ought to be ashamed of themselves.  Having set the man up to be the next victim of the woke mob, the least they can do is apologize to him for having done so.  But that is not how leftists work.  Being a leftist means never having to say you're sorry.

Image: The Colorado Rockies’ Dinger by Onetwo1.  CC BY-SA 3.0.

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