The New York Times — the first draft of a movie script

The first page of the "Day of Rage" 8-page Sunday section in the August 15 New York Times stated, "For over four hours on Jan. 6, the seat of the United States government came under assault.  Here are the findings of a six-month Times visual investigation."

Page six of the special section cited the single case of the discharge of a weapon, with lethal effect: the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt by a still unidentified member of the Capitol Police.  The section cites no other case of the discharge of a weapon.  Some overthrow of government; some insurrection.  The Times states, "Federal prosecutors will close their investigation into the shooting three months later saying they found no evidence that the officer had not acted in defense of himself and members of Congress when he shot her."

Certainly, we would not hear the end of it had a BLM demonstrator been shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer at the anti-Trump demonstration in Lafayette Square, June 1, 2020.  The media would make sure that the identity of the officer would be known hours after such an incident, with demands that he be tried for the murder of an unarmed demonstrator.

And is it not remarkable that the Times' account of the afternoon of January 6, 2021 at the Capitol cites no instance of a Trump-supporter bearing arms?  What kind of coup is it without armed militants?  Wait — the Times reported on page 4 that the "rioters" battled police "hand-to-hand," and "with chemical spray and flagpoles."  The account continues: "One throws a fire extinguisher that hits an officer in his head."

Is the Times repeating its false report, January 8, that Officer Brian Sicknick was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher and died from the blow?  Maureen Dowd repeated the lie in her January 10 Times column, stating "a Capitol policeman [was] killed after being hit with a fire extinguisher." 

The following excerpt appeared on page 4 of the "Day of Rage" section: "Once the attack on the Capitol begins, it becomes complex and unpredictable, an organic movement by a mostly opportunistic mob that eventually involves thousands of people."  But "thousands of people" have not been charged with criminal conduct arising from Jan. 6.

The Times propaganda narrative next asserts: "[W]e found that most were ardent but disorganized Trump supporters reacting to events and following no apparent plan."  The Times tried to cover up its admission that, essentially, there was no there, there, by citing "Proud Boys" as taking on "outsized roles at key moments."  Organizing the hurling of flagpoles?  This is the stuff of a rather mediocre screenplay about an attempt to overthrow the not yet installed radical leftist as president.  

Indeed, how long will it take for Woke Hollywood to produce its cinematic version of "Day of Rage"?  Think how many Confederate flags will be shown unfurled in the House chamber.  Think how many "terrorists" will be shown hurling fire extinguishers at the woefully outnumbered Capitol Police.

Surely, Woke Hollywood can get this agitprop production streaming, if not in the theaters, a few weeks before the congressional elections next year.

Image: New York Times.

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