The military brass may regret firing Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller was fired for speaking the truth about the fact that the top brass in the Pentagon never pay for their bad decisions, even as the ordinary men and women get no quarter for their errors. As soon as he’s free, Scheller intends to change that two-tiered system.

In fact, we’ve been watching unfold for some time in America a two-tiered justice system. In the civilian world, one tier, the higher one, is for leftists and the other, the lower one, is for conservatives.

It started in politics. We’ve all noticed that Republicans who err got fired. Meanwhile, leftists who violated the law (e.g., Hillary) never got fired. The only exception was the #MeToo movement, which was obviously targeted at Trump but instead did nothing more than destroy a handful of prominent, but sleazy, leftists. Biden, despite a credible sexual assault charge and a compulsive need to paw and sniff little girls, was untouched.

In 2020 and 2021, that two-tiered approach to the law began to play out for ordinary people. Those BLM and Antifa activists who torched police stations, burned down buildings, destroyed public monuments, assaulted people, etc., walked. Meanwhile, a lot of older conservative folks who protested at the Capitol (as leftists regularly do, including entering the Senate and House floor) have been kept in solitary confinement under terrible circumstances for eight months (with craven Republican politicians too frightened to help them).

It turns out that the military also has this two-tiered justice problem. If you’re not a high-ranking person in the Pentagon, the military is a harsh taskmaster. If you make a mistake, you get busted, whether you lose your rank, get the boot, or even get court-martialed. Meanwhile, the architects of the biggest military disaster in America’s history face no consequences. They haven’t resigned and Biden has made it clear that he doesn’t intend to fire them.

One man, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, a Marine with seventeen years in the service at his back, created a calm Facebook video explaining that it’s extremely bad for military discipline if the upper ranks don’t face consequences just as surely as the lower ranks would:

Within one day, Scheller was relieved of duty and, as he made clear, will be leaving the Marines:

The military’s decision to jettison Scheller may have been a mistake because, now that he’s free of the military’s constraints, he’s on the warpath—against the aging, incompetent baby boomers currently in charge:

The maverick Marine fired after he released a now-viral video slamming the US military for botching the exit from Kabul, issued a clear threat to his aging superiors Saturday.

“The baby boomer’s turn is over,” Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller told The Post. “I demand accountability, at all levels. If we don’t get it, I’m bringing it.”

He also quoted Thomas Jefferson, saying “every generation needs a revolution.”

I foresee a grand post-military career for Scheller because he’s absolutely right. We have a sclerotic upper echelon of military brass who have bought into Critical Race Theory and gender madness to such an extent that they really can’t be bothered with winning wars and protecting their troops.

Nor do any of them have the courage or moral decency to do with what Scheller did—put their career on the line to publicly break with a commander-in-chief who is no longer in his right mind and who ordered a retreat so bass-ackwards that only despair and death could follow. And of course, who left $83 billion worth of America’s best military equipment for the Taliban, Pakistan, and China. Biden should be tried for treason just for that.

Many years ago, when Iraq was still a hot war, I attended a naval event during which the speaker made a very interesting point. During WWII, the ship captains and other men responsible for winning the all-important Battle of Midway (which marked the inevitable beginning of the end for the Japanese Navy) were told what to do and then left alone to get it done. The difference in the 21st century, said the speaker, is that the military leaders in the field are expected to run every decision by the lawyers in Washington.

When you have that approach to wars—woke generals and cautious lawyers without battle experience—all that will happen is that American men and women die for nothing. Scheller understands that and, as I said, the military has now lost control of him. He’s not gunning for the military; he’s gunning for the people who drag it down, and we should all wish him great success.

Image: Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller. Facebook screen grab.

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