The left is desperate for COVID restrictions to continue

Only if Americans are too fearful to leave their homes to vote can the left count on winning.  Only the necessity of mail-in ballots can guarantee their wins.  The new mask mandates, the fearmongering over this or that variant, are all of a piece: the left must cheat to win and they know cheating is their only way to victory.

As evidence mounts that the vaccines do not work, that the antibodies do not last, that they are creating the variants as the virus seeks survival around the vaccines (that's what viruses do) the left is doubling down on the failed restrictions it implemented to destroy a booming economy and steal an election.  Said restrictions did little to curb the Wuhu virus — not the lockdowns, not masks, and it is now clear that the vaccines are failing.

The breakthrough cases are mostly among the fully vaccinated.  This is true around the world.  The vaccines have not succeeded as planned, or maybe they have.  Maybe failure is part of the plan.  The jabs cause a myriad of horrific adverse consequences, and while they may reduce the severity of symptoms, they do not prevent one from getting COVID.

And as it was in the beginning, unless one suffers from one or more of the known co-morbidities, most of us are not at risk of dying of COVID, nor are our kids or grandkids.  It's all a grand scheme to wrest control over a population of 330M.  What is shocking is how many of those 330M fell for this globalist scheme.  They stayed home; kept their kids captive to Zoom classes, which are a poor excuse for actual teaching; and submitted to the experimental vaccines and to the mindless flip-flops of those calling the shots like Fauci, the CDC's Walinsky, and a host of other un-elected little bullies.

What has become of the American people?  They've been anesthetized by a disreputable media establishment comprising lackeys of the left.  The mainstream media have no scruples; they slavishly do the left's bidding without a shred of self-awareness.  The hapless Chuck Todd denies that there is a liberal bias in the media!  How's that for living in denial?

Some incontrovertible facts about COVID have been revealed.  The virus was a gain-of-function creation in the Wuhan lab; Fauci did fund that research; it is lethal largely to the elderly and otherwise vulnerable due to one or more other life-threatening conditions.

The leftists who depended upon it to successfully sabotage the Trump presidency, steal the election, and panic the population into fear of leaving their homes were ecstatic for a while.  But things have not gone precisely according to plan.  The breakthrough infections among the fully vaccinated discredit the effectiveness of the vaccines. 

But the old never-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste habit has kicked in, and the administration has reverted to type — fear-mongering.  "It's a pandemic of the unvaccinated," they say, and the mindless media repeat the scare.  But it's not.  Their obvious distress at this turn of events is making people less likely to go for the jab.  Why should they?  If one still has to mask up and can still get COVID, what's the point?

Sadly, the many scientists who warned about using mRNA on humans without more testing have been suppressed if not silenced.  Some have had their careers destroyed.  Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA, is one of them.  Check out this interview.  Those who, from the beginning, recognized the usefulness of HCQ and/or ivermectin as both prophylactic and treatment were mocked mercilessly, even though they were correct.  One of them, Dr. Stella Immanuel, is suing CNN and Anderson Cooper for $100M.  Big Pharma was not about to let drugs so old they were out of patent interfere with the billions in profit they have netted.  They cannot be fettered by the financial consequences of telling the truth.  Those doctors and scientists would have to be buried, and for the most part, they have been.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have seen to that, and the administration has acknowledged that the suppression of any information that veers from their narrative is on their orders.  So much for the First Amendment.  It's hanging by a thread.  The aggressive coercion tactics of Biden Inc. are shredding the Nuremberg Code as if it never existed.

Alex Berenson, the former New York Times science writer–turned–social media truth-teller, has repeatedly been suspended from Twitter, this last time for citing, word for word, information from Pfizer's own website.  That is how paranoid the administration is, how terrified that we the people might learn something not approved by the regime. 

Those who do not have the time, inclination, or wherewithal to do their own research are left to the devices of this deviant administration that is importing nearly a million migrants from the Third World who are unmasked; unvaxxed; and, among them, thousands who are ill and not just with COVID.  Nice plan, and it is a plan — the plan to give these invaders amnesty and the right to vote and ensure a one-party nation in perpetuity, just like the CCP.  That's their plan, and they're sticking to it.

How long will the American people stand for this?  The people of France are not taking it lying down, nor are the people of Greece, Italy, Australia, or the U.K.

As law-abiding Americans watch several of our major cities dissolve into urban ganglands fraught with shoplifting, random street crimes, and senseless homicides, the left continues to defund and disparage the police.  Every one of the district attorneys Soros got elected has refused to prosecute crimes; each is decidedly pro-criminal, anti-victim.  They are actively promoting crime, like the riots across the country last summer that did billions of dollars in damage.

We are fast becoming a totalitarian state run by an oligarchic ruling class that fancies itself "elite," thus superior to the rest of us.  But they are afflicted with a tragic lack of common sense.  Soon most Americans will discern the road on which we now find ourselves thanks to a corrupt Democrat party and a gutless Republican Party.  We must rely upon the few fighters who actually care about their constituents.  We all know who they are.  We must support them.  In the meantime, watch the world around you.

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