The last sane man down under? Aussie parliamentarian denounces totalitarian lockdown abuses

I've been watching in sadness and wonder at the abuse that Australia's government elites — many of them purported conservatives — have heaped on their citizens, using military force to keep people imprisoned in their own homes, warning people against private conversations, vaccinating children without their parents' permission.  All over a handful of deaths in a continent-sized nation of 25 million.  There has been savage repression of demonstrations.

Finally, an Aussie member of Parliament has stood up and denounced the madness.  (Hat tip: CTH.)

George Christensen is what passes for a maverick in Australia: outspoken, nationalist, anti-jihad, pro-life.  His web page shows the symbols of his causes:


I can only hope that his words stir further resistance to the dictatorial powers seized by the democratically elected heads of several Australian states.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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