The Breonna Taylor story the left doesn't want you to hear

Since helping to execute a search warrant for evidence in a drug-trafficking ring and being shot by Kenneth Walker — the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor — in the process, my life has never been the same.

Three days after the tragic death of George Floyd — which left the nation in an uproar — the 911 call in which Walker says someone had broken in and shot his girlfriend was released to the public.  Though I wanted to respond and set the record straight about what had transpired that night, I couldn't say anything about the case, because my fellow Louisville Metro Police Department officers and I were under a gag order.  The media and the social justice outrage mob were out to get us; we weren't allowed to stand up for ourselves; and our mayor and chief refused to set the record straight with the facts, leaving us involved to dangle in the wind.

My side of the story is completely different from what you've heard from the media.  They want you to believe that I and my fellow officers are evil racists who barged into that apartment and killed Breonna while she slept.  This couldn't be farther from the truth, and I learned pretty quickly that the media and our local government officials want to make sure you never learn the truth about what happened that night.

Earlier this year, my friends at Post Hill Press courageously agreed to publish my book giving an account of what really happened that night.  But before we could even begin, their distributor, Simon & Schuster, publicly declared their refusal to distribute my book — without even reading the manuscript.

After spending the last year and a half watching the media, celebrities, sports figures, attorneys, and politicians spread blatant lies about the situation without any accountability, I know I must do whatever I can to make sure the true story is told.  I am grateful to my friends at Post Hill Press for all of their support and guidance, but after much consideration, I have decided it is best that I explore other publishing options for my book.

I cannot continue to sit by and watch the media twist the narrative of what happened that night into a work of fiction that serves to support their anti-police agenda.  In reality, my colleagues and I hammered on the door several times — "Police, search warrant!" — over and over, with no response.  After several attempts to get someone to open the door, we were forced to make entry.  I was the first officer to attempt to make an entry into the apartment and was met with gunfire by Walker before I was able to enter the apartment.  Breonna was tragically standing right next to him.  She wasn't asleep.

They don't want you to know that my family and I received death threats for months on end, or that I had to move my family to another city far from our home to keep my wife and our five-year-old son out of harm's way.  Our social media pages were flooded with vile threats and insults.  As my wife and I watched footage of major American cities going up in flames, we were doxed by the local Black Lives Matter chapter.  It was utterly terrifying, to say the least.

The establishment — media, politicians, and full-time social justice lawyers — thrive on division and hate.  As a police officer, I have watched them slander my brothers and sisters across the country with little regard for the facts.  They drum up hatred against us so they can stay relevant and gain more power.

I am not the first person to be canceled by the publishing industry for going against the "woke" narrative.  Earlier this year, Simon & Schuster canceled a book from Senator Josh Hawley.  Their employees also demanded that the company never publish an author associated with the Trump administration again.

Whether you're a United States senator or a cop from Louisville, the left doesn't want your story to be told if you stand in its way.  Leftists want you to leave them alone as they divide America with their falsehoods.

I, for one, won't sit by idly and let that happen.  I plan to tell the truth, no matter the cost.

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