Taliban's mocking Iwo Jima propaganda image tells us who they are

The Army of North Vietnam had Jane Fonda.

Fonda was a willing useful idiot to them and their propaganda and had a grand old time gleefully bouncing up and down on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American fighters. That image was catnip to the communists, but sickening to Americans, and the putrid image reverberated for decades.

But not even those masters of propaganda, burning with hate for the U.S., could top the Taliban, which must have spent months brainstorming (just picture it) to come up with crap like this:

They've got quite a propaganda operation, state of the art, really, and imagine what they've got for us come 9/11.

The Taliban's mocking parody is repugnant. What does the picture of the Marines on Iwo Jima in 1945 stand for? Service. Selflessness. Honor. Humility. ("We had a job to do.") Courage. Perseverance. Victory. And every last man in that picture was a gentleman.

And what does the Taliban stand for? Frenzied manic fanaticism, born of fury at being born barbarians in an advancing world and not being happy about it. Zero honor, all of them thieves, looters, and liars. Cowardly as sin, easy to beat when the U.S. leadership has resolve and isn't more cowardly than they are. And not one of these maggots will ever be a gentleman, every last one of them comfortable with beating women and babies and old people trying to get into Kabul airport, and doing far fouler things to the helpless beyond that. In short, they're maggots, so naturally, they know to put their grubby visages onto our great American visage from World War II, the better to sully it. It's little different from their blowing up the Bamiyan Buddhas, they see no self other than their crummy, worthless, selves; selflessness is utterly foreign to them.

Apparently, the image has been out there since late July, first run by the U.K, Sun, but it's gotten out now, a painful reminder that senile Joe Biden and his clown lieutenants have handed the Taliban billions of dollars of state-of-the-art American equipment, and a $700 million embassy as the Taliban runs circles around the Americans trying to leave the country, blocking 10,000 American citizens' entry to the Kabul airport to evacuate, accompanied by beatings, and the odd spray of machine-gun fire in the huge, desperate crowd on the outside. They defeated us, as at least one Biden official reportedly said, in what amounted to a self-inflicted own-goal on our side. And now they're twisting the knife on us.

They're also making a bid for new recruits to their black hole of a cause, hoping that the image will excite other losers out there just as much as it excites them.

Which rather tells us that the Biden-created catastrophe in Afghanistan is far from over. The terrorists, at least so long as Biden is around, have "won" yet winning a whole country is not enough for them, they also need to dance around and stomp on our most sacred images to keep their creepy party going.

The idea of course, is sadistic pleasure in our pain across the board, not just to America's brave veterans of the Afghanistan war, but to American troops from every war, and Americans in general.

Imagine what World War II veterans, who fought and died in the most desperate warlike conditions and eventually won, must be feeling when they see that grotesque clown parody, done up by slimy terrorists who did nothing at all to win except for wait for the Biden administration to destroy itself, putting on captured American uniforms as war booty, like Dr. Lector in a skin suit.

It's almost an act of divine mercy that this man, U.S. Col. Dave Severance, who ordered the 1945 U.S. flag hoisting by Marines in those desperate days of World War II, died last August and didn't live to see this. I'm glad that Associated Press photographer, Joe Rosenthal, who died in 2006, didn't live to see it, either. 

The Taliban are doing this not just to disgust us but to engage in hot pursuit. Having snagged a whole country based on the fecklessness of Joe Biden, they'd like to keep the war going. They'd like attract slimy new recruits, terrorists from ISIS, al-Qaida, and anyone else who wants to lay America low. That was warned of several days ago by CNN analyst Peter Bergen, an old Afghanistan-based foreign correspondent who knows the place, and obviously, pictures like this from a very busy Taliban propaganda shop show that that is coming to pass.

The Biden administration has not only blundered catastrophically in Afghanistan by pulling out troops, abandoning critical properties such as the embassy and the Bagram airbase, abandoning billions in top-line equipment for the Taliban to get its filthy hands on, and then leaving civilians to fend for themselves, it's still blundering by suggesting that the Taliban is not an enemy.

Three days ago, we were treated to these press conference responses from Biden officials like these:

The Pentagon’s top spokesman declined to say Thursday whether America’s military considered the Taliban to be an enemy of the US, as Washington’s forces struggle to get thousands of Americans and Afghans out of Kabul in a matter of days.

“We are focused right now — the thing we’re working against right now is time and space,” John Kirby told Fox News’ “Special Report” in response to the question from host Bret Baier, “and we want to get as many people out of Kabul as we can in as little amount of time as we can. We’ve had no hostile interactions right now between American forces and the Taliban and we want to keep it that way.”

Since the Islamic fundamentalist forces entered the Afghan capital Sunday, the Biden administration’s top military and security officials have portrayed the militants as a reasonable — if not equal — partner in the withdrawal of US troops from the war-torn country.

On Tuesday, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters at the White House that the Taliban “have informed us that they are prepared to provide the safe passage of civilians to the airport, and we intend to hold them to that commitment.” When asked if he believed that assurance, Sullivan simply answered, “yes.”

Now we have that sickening Iwo Jima image.

With staged propaganda photos like these, the Taliban is trying to correct that misperception. Yet these fools obviously don't believe them.

It's all very redolent of Jimmy Carter, in the wake of the Iran hostage crisis's conclusion, who reportedly stated that that deep down, he didn't think the Iranian mullah militants who took several dozen American diplomats hostage for 444 days in horrible conditions really meant A,erocam any harm.

When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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