Speaking of 'science,' which data show that humans, CO2, and fossil fuels cause global warming?

Another day, another dire warning about global warming. The press and its taskmasters could essentially Xerox a copy of what they printed for the public in the Washington Post in 1922, or a UN report in 1989, or a UN report in 2019 for this report here:

U.N. climate report likely to deliver stark warnings on global warming

As always, journalists just print and repeat these ever-ending reports to scare the public into submission with no questions asked.

For decades, journalists, educators, scientists, bureaucrats, and other Democrats have colluded to spread these dire warnings, (misinformation) without scientific evidence, to scare and control the public.

We are repeatedly have been told that we only have a few years left to solve the problem.

The end date always evolves. No matter how wrong these dire predictions are they just repeat them and say the science is settled to cut off debate. Why are people who are always so wrong considered experts?

Many CEOs, Republicans, and others repeat the same claims without evidence because it is so much more pleasant to go along instead of being called anti-science, or worse still, "deniers."

In D.C., and throughout the country, politicians are using these dire forecasts to pass policies to destroy thousands of industries and millions of jobs.

Joe Biden and his administration have been in office for seven months and are working as fast as they can to remake and destroy America.

He has signed executive orders to stop a pipeline, stop drilling and force people to buy vehicles powered by the poisonous, very combustible, pollutant Lithium. These anti-oil policies greatly harm the poor, middle class, and small businesses with higher prices.

The Biden administration has rejoined the Paris climate accord where politicians and bureaucrats from around the world pretend they can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity if thousands of industries are destroyed and we hand them trillions of our hard-earned dollars.

Does anyone really believe that Iran, Russia, and other major oil-producing countries will give up oil? Isn’t it important that Biden let a pipeline proceed from Russia to Germany while stopping the pipeline from Canada to the United States?

Does anyone believe that China cares about its carbon footprint as it continues to build a large number of coal power plants? Here's what's going on in China:

Despite Pledges to Cut Emissions, China Goes on a Coal Spree

As the Biden administration works so hard to destroy industries, I have not seen one journalist as Biden, Harris, Kerry, Psaki, or anyone else in the administration who has been asked for evidence to support the claimed science that can justify what Biden is doing.

In a free society with independent journalists, we should see the reporters asking questions and doing research to see if what they are told is correct before they repeat talking points to the public.  Sadly, in the United States, we have seen, for decades, almost all journalists have essentially become campaign workers to elect Democrats and lobbyists to sell the radical leftist policies to the public.

Media outlets, especially the social media giants, work very hard to stifle debate and silence anyone who disagrees by repeating the talking points that we are anti-science and climate change deniers who should not be listened to. It is an outright lie to call people who tell the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and natural climate change deniers. I have never seen anyone deny that the climate changes.

Here are some simple scientific facts to report if journalists and others cared about facts instead of pushing an agenda:

The estimate of world population in 1900 was 1.654 billion. In 2000 it was 6.143 billion

The estimate of CO2 atmospheric content in 1900 was 291 Parts per million. In 2000, it was 370 PPM

Cars on road in the U.S in 1900:  8,000

Worldwide cars, trucks, and buses in 1968: 216 million

Worldwide cars, trucks and buses 1985: 484 million

Worldwide cars, trucks and buses 1996: 671 million

Now let's look at historic temperatures:

Global temperature 1900s: 56.73 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Global temperature 1940s:  57.26 degrees

Global temperature 1970s:  57.20 degrees

Global temperature 1990s:  57.76 degrees

Therefore, in one hundred years, the world population rose around 271 percent, CO2 content rose around 27% and vehicles on the roads rose around 84,000 times or 8.4 million times, while temperatures only rose 1.81%.

UPDATE: Steve Campbell writes that the correct figure is actually lower:

This is a frequent error - done because we are accustomed to our accepted temperature scales of Fahrenheit or Celsius.  Both have an arbitrary zero point - and different ones, at that.  

For percentage rise, the change should properly be compared in degrees from Absolute Zero (about 255 Fahrenheit degrees below zero)
The actual percentage rise in temperature would be about 2 tenths of one percent  (0.20 %)

This does not include planes, trains, boats, farm equipment, construction equipment, factories, computers, coal- and gas-fired power plants, gas grills, cows, and all the other things the people are told cause warming. Yet temperature only rose 1.03 degrees in 100 years.

Another important scientific fact is that the globe cooled enough in a thirty-year period from the 1940s to 1970s that on the first Earth Day in 1970 when we were warned of the threat of a coming ice age.

Another climate fact is that a 450-year global cooling period ended around 1860 and some warming is natural after a cooling period.

Where is the evidence that humans, CO2, and fossil fuels cause warming and climate change?

An additional fact is that life expectancy in the U.S in 1900 was around 52 and today it is around 80. Thank goodness fossil fuels have provided power plants, sewage, and water treatment plants, central air, central heat, mass production, combines, tractors, and other oil-derived products that have greatly improved our quality and length of life and increased productivity.

Thank goodness for the clear, innocuous, non-pollutant CO2 that allows plants to thrive and the world to be fed. Why would we bury CO2 while promoting the flammable pollutant Lithium?

Why doesn’t the media report the scientific fact that more people die of cold than a little warming? The answer is the truth doesn’t matter when leftists want more power.

More people die of cold: Media’s heat-death climate obsession leads to lousy fixes

Shouldn’t policies be based on scientific evidence instead of computer models before thousands of industries and millions of jobs are destroyed and everyone’s lifestyle is turned upside down?

Countries throughout history have collapsed because the governments got too powerful, not because the people had too much freedom. Sadly, most journalists are supporting the powerful government over the people.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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