Relentless New York Times propaganda on the January 6 Capitol incursion

The New York Times is making absurd assertions about the occurrence at the Capitol on January 6 — assertions worthy of Soviet propaganda in Pravda under Stalin and his Soviet Union successors.  The article, co-authored by Lisa Lerer and Nick (Fanciful) Fandos, was the second lead, August 1 front page: "G.O.P. Strives to Turn a Riot Upside Down."  I had to stop in mid-article on reading this phrase: "the most violent attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812."

What about the shooting in the House on March 1, 1954, by Puerto Rican "nationalists," wounding five congressmen — an incident that perhaps the Times now wishes to cover up?  What about the bombing of the Capitol, carried out by a former Harvard professor, no less?

There was no arson committed at the Capitol on Jan. 6.  The same cannot be said of the fires, and looting, and pillaging in urban areas throughout the country — acts of violence for which the leftist response was "defund the police."

The propagandizing duo from The New York Times wrote that Jan. 6 resulted in "gruesome scenes of violence that left five people dead."  Wrong.  The violence, caused by a Capitol police officer, left one person dead, the unarmed Ashli Babbitt, egregiously termed "a rioter who was shot trying to break into the House chamber[.]"  It is unlikely that the 34-year old Ms. Babbitt was "a rioter."  More likely, she was permitted into the Capitol by accommodating Capitol police who have yet to testify before the partisan Pelosi panel — and are unlikely to be called.  The Biden administration continues to keep the circumstances of the killing of Ms. Babbitt, including the identity of her Capitol policeman assailant, under wraps.

Here is a video of one case of rioting in the summer of 2020, in Chicago.  This is what real rioting and looting look like.

Co-authors Lerner and Fandos indicated, via a second "fact" worth noting, that some 500 people are being held on Jan. 6 (minor) charges.  If 100,000 patriots attended President Trump's rally that day, that would make the Capitol demonstrators one half of one percent of the Trumpists who participated in the occurrence at the Capitol.  (And they were not even armed with fire extinguishers.) 

The co-authors seized on Russian president Putin's use of the term "assassination" in reference to the killing of Ms. Babbitt, claiming that it is now an excuse to deflect questions about political prisoners in Russia today.  And yet, isn't the jailing of people for months on end, without trial, the stuff of tyrannical regimes?  Why have the 1/6 500 been held so long on minor charges?  Isn't this a matter for writs of habeas corpus — in democracies?  Or is it the Biden administration that intends to put America on the slippery slope to tyranny?  See Federalist No. 1, in which Hamilton warns that leaders who seem to pander to the people end up as tyrants.

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