Pelosi sees the clock ticking and has to ditch Biden to stay in power

Vice President Kamala Harris has flown to Singapore and Vietnam.

She must consider there are no pressing issues at home. No border crisis with crime gangs, drugs, and a new raging Covid variant flooding her country. No exploding crime waves. No skyrocketing homicides due to her support for defunding the police and bailing out violent criminals. No Afghan disaster. Harris is not capable of helping the President with any of these major problems.

So, she escapes these high-priority crises to escape to tiny peaceful Singapore until the publicity peak of these political and military disasters blows over.

The US Vice President fled the scene.

Why did Harris choose this moment to scarper? Was it planned? Did Nancy Pelosi have a hand in it?

Remember this, America, when Nancy Pelosi starts making her moves to get rid of Biden and replace him with Harris as she sees the Democrats on their way to a massive defeat next year.

Pelosi is a sharp bird. She reads the polls. She smells the direction the winds are blowing. And she sees the Democrats on their way to defeat in the House next year. A Democrat loss of the House means Pelosi loses her gavel and her power. Pelosi will do everything to stop this happening and it doesn't matter who she brings down to keep that power. Even if that person is the President of the United States.

In truth, her power is declining.

Her effort to cripple the Republican charge with her January 6 Commission is crumbling with the recent leak of the FBI investigation that stated that they found no collective organizational planning of an insurgency against the Capitol Building on that date.

The Democrats are on the back foot with the humanitarian disaster of their making on the southern border with drugs, criminal gangs, and a million illegal migrants flooding through the gaps in the Trump border fence, migrants that are importing into America a new wave of Covid infection.

Under their watch, the economy is tanking and prices are rising as inflation returns.

And now the Afghan debacle. Just days before 9/11 the Biden Administration supinely surrendered to a jihadi terror group a country out of which jihadi terrorists emerged to bring down the Twin Towers and hit the Pentagon. It is difficult to see how President Biden dares to show his face at Ground Zero on the 20th anniversary of that deadly attack in which 3000 Americans lost their lives.

The Democrats are trying to distance Harris from their disastrous mess at home and abroad and present her as the Democrat version of Joan of Arc. An untouched virgin woke warrior riding in to save America.

When the moment comes, the complicit media will be all over this story 24/7. They will try to wipe away memories of non-stop policy failures, drowned out under the bells and congratulatory hype of the first female president entering the Oval Office, and a non-white one to boot. The pinnacle of a woke wonderland will be lauded ad nauseum.

The Disuniting Democrats can then look forward to galvanizing the fiction of a non-white majority winning the midterm with the promise of reconfirming the Harris coronation in 2024.

Americans should not fall for this delusional trick of Democrat smoke and mirrors when it happens, as I predict it will, as Pelosi sees the clock ticking and her polls dropping as we head into 2022.

Barry Shaw, The View from Israel.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey CC BY 2.0 license

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