Only people 'of color' wear masks: Nancy Pelosi hosts a tony Napa fundraiser

So House speaker Nancy Pelosi has hosted another tony fundraiser for Democrats.  It was in wine-country Napa Valley, of course, redolent of the Tuscan countryside.

Ken Vogel, a New York Times reporter who's apparently worth reading (look at his Twitter feed), has a couple of posts:

The all-white fat cats, who paid $100 to $29,000 a pop, are all seated in close quarters in that same general region where Gavin Newsom held his unmasked French Laundry dinner, with, again, none of them wearing masks.  And the service staff?  They're black, they're Hispanic, they're maybe Filipino.  And to a person, they're all masked. 

This is pretty crummy optics.  Black and brown people wear masks; white people who make six figures don't.  It highlights the race and class divide in all of these COVID shutdowns promoted by Democrats.  Message: If you're poor, you're black, you're Mexican, you're Filipino, and you work for a low-wage catering company, you're going to wear a mask as a sign of your servility, your condition of employment at all.  If you don't, you're out with the homeless.

Now, this is probably just a coincidence, Pelosi defenders will argue, given that in many counties in California, wait staff in restaurants wear masks while diners at meals don't.  Gov. Gavin Newsom wanted them to all wear masks and take the masks on and off between bites, but that didn't work out.

But the "science" here doesn't work, either.  Note the close quarters of the white fat cats in the picture — there's reason to doubt that they're all relatives living in the same households, so it's pretty obvious that social distancing isn't being observed.  Are they vaxxed?  Who knows?  If someone's going to contribute $100,000 to Democrats, does anyone think Pelosi's going to ask?  Honor system at best; it's doubtful there's any proof.

Meanwhile, the wait staff are each assigned a small group of tables and serve the fat cats back and forth.  Their range of motion is limited, certainly not beyond what the fat cats without masks are experiencing, so the hypocrisy is obvious.  Are they vaxxed?  Most likely they're required to be to work at all.  And in any case, vaxxed with masks is their lot, while the fat cats dine out.

It just goes to show the hypocrisy of lockdowns and masks, so championed by Democrats.  Apparently, the poor and black are the source of the pestilence and are subject to life-altering rules just to earn a living.  The limousine liberals?  Membership has its privileges.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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