On the incredible woke hypocrisy of being Barack Obama

For the past 18 months, fewer people have been louder than America's celebrities when it comes to insisting that "the little people" wear masks.  Showing once again that celebrities believe themselves to be above those rules, it appears that for many, if not most, of the attendees at Obama's 60th birthday bash, there wasn't a mask to be seen.

Tom Hanks has no respect for people wearing masks.  His exact words are, "If you can't wear a mask and wash your hands and social distance, I've got no respect for you, man."  George Clooney drops F-bombs at people who don't wear masks.  Bruce Springsteen has campaigned for the masses to mask up.  Beyoncé's idea of wearing a mask to the Grammys was to anchor it on her nose with her sunglasses, certainly not what Dr. Fauci would recommend, as even the most minimal protection from a mask is nonexistent when it's dangling from the bridge of your nose.   

These are just four of the delightful celebrities who attended Barack Obama's "scaled back" 60th birthday party.  There were approximately 496 additional people gathered for the occasion at his Martha's Vineyard mansion.  Erykah Badu was kind enough to post a clip of the party, showing Obama and his closest friends dancing in close proximity sans masks.  That seems strange since Obama has also urged people to wear masks

I was under the impression that five hundred people gathered in close proximity was a super-spreader event.  Church services, Trump rallies, and birthday parties for less luminous individuals are labeled as super-spreader events.  Perhaps Obama's 60th birthday party was too woke to be attacked by COVID or the latest monster, the delta variant of COVID, much like a BLM riot...er, sorry, BLM peaceful protest.  It does seem hard to take, though, when the rich and famous are allowed to gather by the hundreds to celebrate a friend's birthday while the little people are expected to wear masks and avoid crowds. 

UPDATE from Andrea Widburg: One of the things that always strikes me about Obama, and that is on full display with this birthday celebration, is that he runs with a really trashy crowd.  This is a man who, because of his eight-year presidency, could surround himself with interesting people — people with knowledge, character, and ideas.  Instead, he prefers hanging around with the most superficial, and often deeply weird and distasteful, people America has to offer.  It says a lot about our former president, doesn't it?

Pandra Selivanov is the author of The Pardon, a story of forgiveness based on the thief on the cross in the Bible.  

Image: Photo from Obama's birthday party.  (One of the deleted D.J. photos.)

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