Oh my God, the Delta Variant is going to kill us all!

To hear the propaganda media, the new “Delta Variant” of COVID is going to kill every man, woman, and child in America – at least by the end of the week.

  • We should all run to the nearest vax center and roll up our sleeves right away.
  • Our employers are right to be mandating vaccines and those who refuse are just “science deniers” and should be held down and forced to get their shots.  Otherwise, they’re going to kill us all with their virus.
  • This new variant is more contagious than smallpox, polio, and measles combined!
  • Our colleges are right to force returning students to get their shots.
  • Babies should all get their shots the day they’re born.  We don’t need their parents’ permission.  This is a crisis!
  • Just look at all the new cases, up to 63,608 on July 31, up from 11,363 since July 1st.  That’s a 459% increase in just 30 days!

If you want to control people, just scare them and tell them what to do, and scaring them about dying from a mysterious disease is definitely the way to go.

The remaining members of the general public aren’t getting their shots as they should.  Vaccinations have declined significantly since the peak on April first.  These “resisters” need a new push and the “Delta Variant” has arrived just in time to justify new draconian measures from governments, corporate employers, and colleges.

There’s only one problem with all the fear-mongering and widespread panic: few are dying.  In the entire United States, 295 people died from COVID on July 31st despite the fact that 62,735 “new cases” were reported the same day.


Deaths from COVID have been declining steadily since January 16th when 3,197 people died and 234,550 “new cases” were reported.  Despite the wide fluctuations in cases, the deaths from COVID have gone from 2,022 on March 1st, 961 on April 1st, 700 on May 2nd, 571 on June 1st, to 295 on July 31st.

But death rate declines don’t cause panic; that’s why they’re often left out of the charts when the fear-mongering starts.

The real thing to worry about is the number of side effects from the vaccine which are turning out to be far more deadly than the virus itself.  We’ve all heard of the VAERS database that shows “adverse reactions” to vaccines.  Estimates vary, but at least 5,000 people have died shortly after receiving their vaccines, which is more than all reported vaccine deaths since the data was first collected.  Since only a small percent of adverse reactions are reported, this number could be at least ten times greater.  Efforts are underway to get more accurate death and side effects data.  And other side effects are off the charts.

So the real thing to panic about is the vaccines, not this “new” Delta variant.

No one can say for sure why this psyops operation is trying to get all of our military, our police, our doctors, and nurses to take an experimental shot.  If there is something in the “vaccines” that not only has immediate side effects, but long-term compromised immune systems, this would be a great way to inoculate a country into helplessness and submission without a shot being fired.

And the push to vax college-age kids and children as young as two years old?  There are concerns that these vaccines may cause reproductive problems.  If I wanted to sterilize a population into non-existence….

This may sound far-fetched, but the idea of quietly poisoning the enemy’s military and first responders is nothing new, and “birth control vaccines” have been sought for decades, and even introduced into African countries like Kenya under the guise of free tetanus shots.

Are we in the midst of a silent war?  If so, we may already have lost.  Are our highest leaders in government and industry participating in our demise by trying to mandate a deadly series of vaccines?  Are our social media companies censoring all conflicting data?

If you have a friend who’s wavering, show them this one website, https://www.statnews.com/feature/coronavirus/covid-19-tracker/ Have them look at the “new cases” and deaths over time.  Invite them to wonder why all this panic is being stirred up in order to get people to give in to vaccine pressure when no one is dying.

God help us all.

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