Nation's largest doctor group recommends removing 'male,' 'female' from birth certs

"Remove 'male' and 'female' from birth certificates? Here's why the country's largest group of physicians recommends it."

That was a recent headline from an article in The Washington Post, one of the primary propaganda outlets for the Democrat National Committee.  The article was penned by an obvious political operative called Anne Branigin.  In the opening paragraph — with the spirit of objective journalism in mind (it's a news story, not an opinion piece) — Ms. Branigin makes it abundantly clear where she stands.

"For many Americans, birth certificates aren't just an important identity marker, they are an entry point into many parts of life," she opined.  "But for trans and nonbinary people, birth certificates can be a hurdle — a document that invalidates their identity — unless they amend it."

Invalidates their identity?  I didn't need to read another word to understand where this piece was going.  But on I went, and found that Ms. Branigin and the American Medical Association (AMA) — the aforementioned "country's largest group of physicians" — obviously didn't "follow the science" of the favorite catchphrases of the lunatic left.  Real science dictates one thing and one thing only: infants born with male genitalia are little boys; infants born with female genitalia are little girls.  Period. 

But real science isn't good enough for Ms. Branigin and the AMA's LGBT advisory committee.  "Participation by the medical profession and the government in assigning sex is often used as evidence supporting this binary [male/female] view," the committee babbled.  "Not only does that stifle a person's ability to express and identify themselves, it can lead to 'marginalization and minoritization.'"

"Minoritization"?  Does that imply that the dullards on this committee want transgenders to have a "major" status in our society?  That seems totally absurd, but when you see what our public brainwashing factories are teaching kids about race and "gender identity" — and how more and more pre-teen and teenage girls are calling themselves "trans" —  nothing should surprise us.  Maybe the elite want a (partly) sterile society, which would make their ultimate goal of de-growth that much easier.  After all, the more people who can't or won't reproduce, the easier to have a stagnant or negative-growth population.

In a glaring example of pure tokenism, Ms. Branigin offered a pair of brief one-liners from the opposition, most notably neo-con Nikki Haley's correct opinion that altering birth certificates is "the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard."

The author's bias becomes even more evident as the article continues, with her sources overwhelmingly slanted to the pro-trans far left.  In typical regressive fashion, Ms. Branigin made the intentionally misleading statement that "conservative lawmakers across the country ... have moved to ban trans and nonbinary children from receiving health care and participating in youth sports."  She doesn't get specific, so let's fill in the blanks.  The so-called denial of "health care" to which she referred can mean only one thing: forbidding the mutilation of a child's natural body through hormone therapy and "sex change" surgery.  That's hardly banning a child from receiving real health care, which is what Ms. Branigin implies.  And banning them from "youth sports" is, almost exclusively, not allowing males to unfairly dominate female sports.  Even some notable feminists on the left are vehemently opposed to that practice, something Ms. Branigin apparently failed to notice.   

This type of nonsense is expected  from The Washington Post, but it's beyond sad when the AMA, once a highly respected organization, joins countless other corporations and organizations and blindly wanders down the woke path to Marxism.  Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder and should be treated as such.  Pandering to a very small minority of delusional people—and handing massive political power to their radical activists—further erodes the role of the traditional American family, once the foundation of a strong and vibrant society.

Without the traditional family, our country can't survive.  But that appears to be what our Marxist elites want.  After all, their mentors in China have been eliminating individuality and the nuclear family for decades.  As the old saying goes, "when in Rome..."

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