Nancy Pelosi's grotesque behavior after the bomb in Kabul was for a reason

One of the things that disgusted conservatives following news of the bloody terrorist attack in Kabul that killed twelve Marines and one Navy corpsman was the fact that Nancy Pelosi, during a public appearance in San Francisco, not only didn't mention it, but was also in an exceptionally jovial, joking mood.  My bet is that this wasn't mere callousness on her part.  Instead, she was engaged in a form of gaslighting because she knows that many of her constituents pay little attention to the news and don't want to hear negative things about Democrats.

Here's Pelosi, a woman without a care in the world:

I believe that the reason Pelosi is behaving in this way is to keep her base from realizing that something bad happened.  It's a form of gaslighting that involves her shaping their reality through lies, not to drive them crazy, but to keep them ignorant.  She's getting help from the media too.  For example, here's the top part of the front page of the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle as of 12:45 A.M. on Friday:

I know that's a poor-quality image, but I can assure you that there's not a word in there about the bombing.  You have to scroll way down to find this little headline:

Trump-supporters are furious because 13 Americans needlessly died yesterday (and we have no idea how seriously wounded others are).  Additionally, dozens of Afghan civilians died.  This is just more evidence of the utter fecklessness of the Biden presidency.  Jesse Kelly embodies that rage:

The Democrats need to downplay all this.  Hey, Afghanistan's a war zone.  Things happen.  Or as Malcolm Nance, a self-described expert in terrorist strategy, tweeted, “#DealWithIt” (a tweet he later deleted).

We see the same instinct on all the media outlets to defend Biden's shameful performance:

The fact is that Biden is an absolute disgrace, and his embarrassing public appearance on Thursday emphasized that fact.  Nothing embodies that better than his blaming Trump and then crouching in a half-fetal position.

In some ways, though, the worst thing Biden did was try to break up his cold, flat affect by going to his default empathetic topic, which is to mention his son Beau's death.  It's very sad that Beau died so young, but here's the reality: Beau is so politically useful to Biden that if Beau hadn't died, Biden might have had to kill him.

All the above is why Pelosi pretended nothing happened.  She's got to keep her base in the dark about events in Kabul and the Democrats' — and especially Biden's — responsibility for those events.

Image: Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco.  Twitter screen grab.

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