Mental fitness, politicized psychiatry, and the authoritarian impulse

For criticizing President Biden's disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller has given up his commission and is having his mental health questioned by the Marine Corps.  Meanwhile, with the current POTUS showing signs of cognitive impairment, a noted psychiatrist who maintained that President Trump was mentally impaired appears to be silent.   

Stuart Scheller (LinkedIn video screen grab).

Questions currently raised, in the context of Biden's Afghanistan humiliation reminded me of the attacks on President Trump's mental stability from leftist psychiatrists, most famously Dr. Bandy Lee, then at Yale University.  Could she be expressing doubts, now, about Biden's fitness for the presidency; could she now be concerned about his mental stability?

By way of a Google search, I learned that Dr. Lee is no longer at Yale, having been terminated in May 2020.  I further learned that she has a website:  At her website, I noticed this entry, which explains why she filed suit against Yale for terminating her.

So when Mr. Alan Dershowitz complained about my speech about him and the president he was defending, and Yale dismissed me, I filed the lawsuit.  If I can be silenced, then professionals and intellectuals are imperiled everywhere. I care about Yale, and it is a matter of academic freedom, the obligation to share our knowledge in our civic contribution to society, and freedom of speech that is our protection against authoritarianism and dangerous leadership.

Apparently attorney Alan Dershowitz complained to Yale when Dr. Lee indicated that Dershowitz, like any Trump-follower, was afflicted with the psychosis besetting the former president.  It seems that this was too much for Yale to accept, and Dr. Lee got terminated.  In his response to Dr. Lee's attack on him, Dershowitz pointed out that she had never met him and has no business attempting to diagnose him.  It should be pointed out that Dr. Lee rejects "the Goldwater rule," instituted after many psychiatrists gave a harsh diagnosis of Barry Goldwater for FACT magazine — without ever meeting him.  When it comes to politics, leftist psychiatrists seem to have no problem in conforming their diagnostic facts to the predilections. 

There is a problem with her comment in the quoted remark: "If I can be silenced..."  Lee hardly has been silenced, as a visit to her site will demonstrate.  A superficial scan of her site suggests that she is far too busy going after the former president, even with him out of office, to pay much attention to the issue of the current incumbent's fitness for office, including his mental state.

Note that in her comment on her lawsuit against Yale, above, Dr. Lee seems to be opposed to threats against free speech, to the danger of authoritarian government.  There is no indication from my visit to her website, admittedly a quick survey, that Dr. Lee has any concerns that the threat to free speech in the United States comes from the left or defenders of Biden. 

Seven months of Biden should indicate that Dr. Lee, in her denunciation of President Trump, and others, in their attacks on Mr. Trump, have been engaging in projecting their biases onto the 45th president when it is his successor who deserves opprobrium.

It is, after all, Biden who is seen to threaten the special relationship with Britain, given the unprecedented criticism coming from members of the British parliament against Biden.

Dr. Bandy Lee, however, appears to have some problems with political reality.  A visit to her website will indicate that she believes, even with him out of office, that Donald Trump must go to prison — so as to be unable to seek election in 2024.

The title of a Scientific American article, consisting of an interview with Dr. Lee, is titled "The 'Shared Psychosis' of Donald Trump and His Loyalists."  Behold how this journal, too, falls under projectionism, the psychosis known as "Trump Derangement Syndrome" being shared by Dr. Lee and her loyalists.

How politically unbalanced is Dr. Lee?  The Washington Times quoted her, November 2, 2020, as saying Hitler was better than Donald Trump because Hitler "at least 'improved the daily life of his followers.'"  

For evidence that leftists are projecting when they accuse Mr. Trump of being an authoritarian, see Amy Chozick's quote of a June 2016 tweet by former Obama functionary David Plouffe in her August 3, 2016, New York Times article.  Plouffe is quoted as saying Trump and "his kind" must be destroyed.

Destroy the opposing candidate and his voters?  Sure sounds as if the Democrats intend to make the U.S. a one-party country, and what is a one-party country if not a place of authoritarianism? 

In this regard, take note of Jim Banks's comment the other day, on over-reaching by Rep. Bennie Thomson, chair of the January 6 House Select Committee, warning his GOP colleagues that the Democrats are moving toward authoritarian rule.

Thank heavens, Rep. Jim Banks gets it.  Now it's up to his Republican colleagues in the House to realize that the Democrat party, led by the rabid radical leftist Pelosi, is not playing games: they indeed aim to make this a one-party state, where patriots are regarded as "the enemy." 

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