Look at their faces, Joe

When my kids were little, I did some babysitting in my home, and I learned quickly that while all kids are different, some kids are wildly different.  I had two rules that even the toddlers could follow: no hurting, and no snatching.

I watched an angelic four-year-old boy with curly blond hair and a sweet face who waited until no one was looking, then threw a punch or swung a hard toy with such strength and viciousness he would knock his victim down into a sobbing mess.  Then he would stand over the child and watch her cry with no look on his face at all.

I was lucky in that the first thing I tried actually worked: I was able to reach his heart by pointing to the crying child's face and making him watch while the other kids gathered and patted and soothed the victim.  "Look at her face.  You did that.  You're the one who made her cry like that, and you did it on purpose.  Shame on you."

Here's my advice to you, Joe Biden: look at their faces.  You did this.  You're the one making them cry like that.  Shame on you.  You live in a world where worshiping the God of Magical Thinking has worked for you your whole life, and now the real world is slapping you in your face with the frozen flounder of reality, and you're hiding from it.  Are you watching the videos of the terrified mothers passing their crying babies over head to the soldiers guarding the airport gate?  Look at their faces.  You did that.

Have you seen the photo of the mother lying in the middle of the street covered in blood as someone carries her bloodied child away?  That child's eyes are rolled up into his head, and he doesn't look as though he will survive.  Did you look at his face?  You did that.  You are so blood-guilty that I don't know how you can get out of bed every morning.

Every sane person on the planet knows that the videos coming out of Afghanistan are going to get exponentially worse.  I remember watching the horrors coming out of that godless country ruled by seventh-century savages in 2001 before the U.S. went in to clean it out.  It broke my heart then, and it's breaking my heart now.

I know you don't care.  You've never cared about anyone but yourself, and you and your merry band of idiots are already trying to spin this as Not My Fault Because.  You glared out at the entire world at your last speech with your flat, reptilian eyes and doubled down on stupid: "I stand by my decision.  The buck stops with me."  Deeply shocking.  Obtuse.  Hubris.

I hope the cabal that installed you into the Oval Office now realizes they made a catastrophic mistake that cannot be undone.  I hope they yank you out as quickly as they shoved you in.  Actually, I don't have much hope for the world anymore.  All I have to do is look at all of the faces of your helpless, scared-out-of-their-minds victims, and I know what rough beast, its hour come round at last, is slouching towards Bethlehem to be born.  Everyone knows it but you.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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