Kabul: What's a progressive, woke elitist to do?

Imagine the horror!  All your teen and adult life, you've been taught that feminism is sacrosanct and LGBT issues are equally holy.  But you've also been taught that indigenous peoples and movements are to be solemnly praised.  And you've never, ever spoken an unkind word about Islam or Muslims, even being ever so quick to criticize anything Christian while being ever suspicious of all things Israel.

Now here you are with one of your favorite presidential administrations of all time having allowed — even fostered — the takeover of a secular Islamic country by an indigenous Islamic movement that casts homosexuals off tall buildings and mutilates female genitalia.

So, who are the villains here?  Are they the scimitar-wielding, 8th-century Neanderthals who call themselves the Taliban?  Can't say that.  They're Muslim!

Is it the semi-senile, lavishly corrupt president whom the leftist media and Big Tech tied themselves into pretzels to get elected?  Can't be.  That would risk admitting that an entire nation had been lied to — several times over.

Could it be the abundantly and elegantly educated chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley; secretary of defense Lloyd Austin; and secretary of state Antony Blinken?  Say not so!  That would indict our whole puffed-up, Gilbert and Sullivan–esque, elitist D.C. swamp.  Americans might then see that the left-wing Progressive establishment has no clothes!

What might they then conclude?  Well, maybe that they're being lied to about a few other things (COVID, BLM, pipelines, elections, borders, Brexit, global warming, guns, Bibles, capitalism, Marxism, white privilege, Critical Race Theory, ivermectin, the Wuhan Virological Institute, January 6, masks)?  Where might that lead?  Government by the people?

So let's watch how our media/Big Tech overlords contort themselves over the next two weeks to blame the worst foreign policy disaster in decades on anyone but the left-wing, progressive establishment.  Expect Trump, maybe even Ulysses S. Grant, to bear the brunt of the fusillade.  Watch too for signals that the Taliban, even al-Qaeda, are not such bad guys, and may even be welcomed into the Family of Nations that we all so love.  Maybe even NATO!

Watch and wait for signs that melting glaciers or income inequality may have caused the fall of Kabul.  Expect white nationalist extremists to have been a root cause.  And last but not least, observe all those AK-47-wielding insurgents on your television screens and wait for NPR to ponder what that means for why a semi-automatic weapons ban in the U.S. is now so critical.

Image: Meme created by Political Clown Parade.

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