Biden administration turns into a dumpster fire of blame-evasion

Sheer cowardice has always been a Biden hallmark, so it might at first glance seem to be why Joe Biden is now in hiding as Afghanistan's collapse, the biggest foreign policy failure since Vietnam, engulfs the news.

But evidence is mounting that something different is going on: the Biden team is splintering into some kind of internal warfare and trying to conceal its disarray.  Victory, after all, has a thousand fathers, as JFK used to say, and defeat is an orphan.  The Bidenites aren't stupid enough to believe their own propaganda about the Afghan horror being a news-cycle nothingburger, something that can be gone and forgotten if they can stay away from the cameras for a few days.  They know that this is a defeat of epic proportions.

So we are indeed seeing signs of an administration in disarray.

Take this report:

Any president with a lick of common sense would heed an experienced old hand like Klain.  Being absent during a crisis is the sort of thing Konstantin Chernenko or Leonid Brezhnev, or maybe Boris Yeltsin, deep in his cups, would do.  Aides would force those guys to wheel out, even if they were pulling out near-corpses, as had been done in the case of Chernenko.

Jill is Mrs. Edith Wilson with the likely incapacitated Joe.  She calls the shots, and dotard Joe meekly goes along.  Never mind what the rest of the Biden team is seeing: what Edith wants, Edith gets.  That's trouble right there.

Joe being Joe, he's trying to blame President Trump for his own fiasco.  It's not taking hold, so his lieutenants are scrambling.

Start with Biden's most loyal lieutenant, a woman who'd lie about anything to serve Old Joe. 

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki has "gone on vacation."  Vacay Jen decided to take the week off and let underlings answer the inevitable hard questions that are coming of a media establishment that is gradually waking up to the reality of Joe.  Joe could use her at a time like this, given her colossal capacity to spin and lie, but she's suddenly made herself scarce.

It's weird stuff indeed, given that the leftist press made mincemeat of Sen. Ted Cruz for taking a Cancun vacation at a time when Texas was experiencing a fierce storm.  Jen seems to think she's going to be immune to that.  What's more, she was last seen making this video, making this guy the face of the White House policymaking.  Memes like this are going out now.

It's a bad look. 

It gets worse.  Kamala Harris is apparently in open rebellion with Joe, arguing that Joe's trying to pin the disaster on her, same as she got with the border crisis.  A blue check tweeted this:

She was very much involved.  But like Joe, she doesn't want to take responsibility for the disaster:

Imagine what relations must be like between Joe and Kamala in this disaster — you told me to, no, you told me to, don't pin this stuff on me.  It must be horrible.

Joe and his media allies made a big deal about all the wonderful harmony and comity within this administration, but the Afghan fiasco reveals just how badly plastered together these venal leftist creatures are.  One can soon likely look forward to Pentagon officials attempting to evade blame or point fingers at one another, and same with the CIA swamp things.  This is one lovely group of failures.  The fallout is likely to continue so long as Joe tries to evade blame for this one and can't count on the media to carry water for him this time.

Image: Rosa Pineda via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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