It’s unbelievable what the American Medical Association wants to do

Humans have a simple system for reproduction: Men produce sperm and women produce eggs. When the two meet, babies happen. The babies, in turn, will be either male, complete with XY chromosomes. or female, with XX. Both will have distinguishing sex characteristics that affect every part of the body. Except if the American Medical Association has its way, all babies will go home from the hospital with birth certificates identifying them as “X” – neither male nor female – to ensure that they’re not later hideously injured by having been “misgendered.”

This sounds like a terrible joke. After all, the AMA, which was founded in 1847, is a distinguished professional institution, right? Wrong. The AMA, which is responsible for publishing the influential Journal of the American Medical Association, is just another organization that succumbed to John O’Sullivan’s First Law: “All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing.” During the Obamacare battles in 2010, even the Huffington Post recognized that the AMA “has turned into an ally, if not yet a full-fledged member, of the liberal coalition.” (For “liberal coalition,” read “activist leftist community.”)

Perhaps, therefore, it should not be surprising that the AMA’s Board of Trustees has recommended that all American birth certificates identify new babies only as “X,” with the biological sex kept in a secret place for record-keeping:

Our American Medical Association advocate for the removal of sex as a legal designation on the public portion of the birth certificate and that it be visible for medical and statistical use only.

Slog through the small print and pompous language that attempts to give a scientific gloss to what has long been a person’s first and primary form of identification, and you get a perfect statement of the nonsense that gender is whatever a person says it is:

Gender is a social construct that describes the way persons self-identify or express themselves. A person’s gender identity may not always be exclusively male or female and may not always correspond with their sex assigned at birth.

In fact, gender madness is nothing more than narcissism taken to a ludicrous extreme. You can spend hours going through the dozens of websites defining all the navel-gazing identities people claim:

Ceterosexual – Someone who experiences sexual/romantic attraction only to non-binary people. This label is used as a non-problematic term for skoliosexuality only to be used by non-binary people.


Grey-Romantic – A grey-romantic is a person with a romantic orientation that is somewhere between aromantic & romantic.


Skoliosexual – The attraction to non-binary individuals.

And, ironically, there’s even a label for people who rejected labels:

Pomosexuality – Refers to non-orientation in which people disregard sexuality labels altogether. Basically, labels are seen as superficial and insignificant to someone who identities as pomosexual.

A genuine medical association, rather than a leftist activist group, would seek to help these lost, self-involved individuals who, either because of psychological trauma or because of unbalanced hormones, are alienated from their own bodies. (I recommend therapy in the first case and hormones aligned with the person’s biological sex in the second.) To pervert official documents into something meaningless is a travesty of science and medicine – although I guess that, in addition to serving the gods of wokeness, these meaningless birth certificates will be very helpful for illegal aliens and terrorists seeking fake identification.

Every person who enjoys the blessings of the most sophisticated medical care in the history of mankind should find disturbing the direction in which the American Medical Association is traveling. It was bad enough when, in the Obama era, it went all-in for the rationing of socialized medicine. It’s horrific that, in the Biden era, it’s abandoning science entirely.

IMAGE: The newest sexuality flag, honoring sex workers, as well as the whole panoply of non-White races and non-normal heterosexuality. (See more flags here.)

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